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Science Slam 2018

Night Talk: Our university is home to innovative, bright, and creative minds. In this session, we challenge five researchers to explain a scientific problem or fact in a clarifying, creative, and entertaining way.

Every presenter gets eight minutes to present their current research and win the hearts of the audience. You can vote for the one that you find the most captivating. Presented by Richard Engelfriet, and featuring  PhD-candidates from the different Schools of our university: Karlijn Hoyer, Laura Kunst, Robbert Coenmans, Chrissy Cook and Anne de Vries.

Language: English

Organzation: Academic Forum & TiPP (Tilburg PhD-platform)

Location: Simon Paviljoen

When: 04 October 2018 20:30

End date: 04 October 2018 21:30