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Fragile Democracy in Eastern Europe: Hungary

Night Talk: Is Prime Minister Viktor Orban turning Hungary into a one-party state, where others are allowed to compete in elections only on such unequal terms that they basically have no chance of winning?

Cultivating nationalist and anti-Western undertones, rewriting the national Constitution, reshaping the judiciary, Hungary seems to be nearing the threshold of autocracy. It has been alarming how quickly all this has happened. Only a decade ago Hungary was considered an Eastern European success story. It had managed to move from communism to a free-market democracy more successfully than most other countries of the former Warsaw Pact. A talk by Olaf Tempelman, former Eastern Europe Correspondent of De Volkskrant.

Language: English

Organization: Academic Forum & ELSA Tilburg

Location: Cube 1b

When: 04 October 2018 22:15

End date: 04 October 2018 23:00