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Consciousness in animals?

Night Talk: Can we attribute consciousness to non-human animals? The answer depends on what we mean by consciousness.

Authors within the field of the philosophy of mind tend to concentrate rather exclusively on human beings. Moreover, in their definitions, consciousness is often so intimately linked to language, and so complex, that animals are likely to fall outside the definition. Three examples of contemporary theories of consciousness will illustrate this point. Another, simpler notion of consciousness will be proposed, based on animal research and research on vision. This kind of consciousness is linked with sensorimotor capacities. This forms a basis from which more sophisticated forms of consciousness can develop. Lecture by and discussion with philosopher Monica Meijsing.

Language: English

Organization: Sapientia Ludenda

Location: Zwijsen building

When: 04 October 2018 22:30

End date: 04 October 2018 23:30