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Our Vote in Europe*

Date: Time: 16:00 Location: Black Box, Esplanade Building (Tilburg University)

Do you know what to vote in the European elections? This debate among several candidate Members of the European Parliament will help you make a choice that suits you. There will be debates on all the main issues that play a role in the elections. (language: English)

Admission is free, doors open from 15:45 hrs. Language: English. See also Facebook.

Election debate #EP2019

Several candidate members of the European Parliament will be debating the main issues that play a role in the European elections. These include immigration, environmental policy, the creation of a European army, tax policy, exit-issues, and so on. The exact topics will be determined shortly before the debate and will reflect current news items and events. Prior to the debate there will be a brief introduction of the workings of the European parliament.

Our Vote in Europe 20190516


Candidate members of the European Parliament.
Participating political parties and their candidate members are:

  • EPP European People’s Party – represented by Caspar Rutten (CDA, NL)
  • PES Socialists & Democrats (S&D) – represented by Sham Ahmed (#13 PvdA, NL)
  • European Greens – represented by t.b.a. (Groen Links, NL)
  • ALDE Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe – represented by t.b.a. (VVD, NL)
  • ECPM European Christian Political Movement – represented by Jannes de Jong (#9 CU/SGP, NL)

An update will follow soon on this website.

Moderator is Victor Vlam.


This debate is an initiative of T.D.V. Cicero, the debating association of Tilburg, together with Academic Forum.

Contact: Has Klerx (Academic Forum)

* This event counts for students Tilburg University towards the Academic Forum Certificate.