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Occasionally Academic Forum publishes books, which in most cases are based on a number of lectures given by scholars and lecturers during meetings of Academic Forum. Most books up till now only are published in the Dutch language. A summary of these publications is given on the website Publicaties (Dutch). If you are interested in any of these publications, please contact us.

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Cobbenhagen essays, 2016

The Founding Father's Idea of Tilburg University

Editor: Academic Forum in cooperation with Student Chaplaincy Maranatha , 2016, 'Cobbenhagen Essays' . Publisher Valkhofpers

Besides a paperback there is also an online version (English/Dutch) available: Cobbenhagen Essays (pdf).

“We have to make something out of our lives ourselves, and master the art of living. We must not only avoid the temptation to wrong action, but also - and definitely not less - look for and grasp the opportunities for right action. Lost opportunities probably ruin our lives more than failure to avoid temptation, because a lost opportunitiy is seldom or never repeated".

Martinus Cobbenhagen (1893-1954), is the founding father of the 'Tilburgse Hoogeschool', an educational institution that has evolved into the current Tilburg University. With his readings and articles he accompanied and encouraged the budding academic and social life in Tilburg. Together, these texts form Cobbenhagen's 'idea' of Tilburg University. Right after World War II, when academia had to be virtually reinvented, they were collected and published.

Now, 70 years later, these contributions are published again: in a new spelling, with footnotes, and also in an English translation. This new bilangual edition is meant for all those who take Tilburg University to heart. Because you can only innovate and renew something when you first identify with its founding thoughts.