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Campus Poet: adds color to the campus and makes campus culture visible

About the Campus Poet

Each year, a student or staff member within Tilburg University is appointed as Campus Poet. In recent years, various Campus Poets have expressed themselves through their poetry about campus life, about study and science, about current themes in society, about everyday things, about emotions and about life in general. In this way the poets add color to campus and make campus culture visible in a very specific manner. The Campus Poet election offers a platform to budding literary talents. An independent artist-to-be can give an appealing account of current events relating to the university, the city, the country and perhaps even the world. All this shows that Tilburg University takes its cultural and social mission seriously.

Public appearances

As the organizer, Academic Forum would like to provide the Campus Poet with a wide stage and with many opportunities to speak. Examples include a number of official events, such as the opening of the academic year and Tilburg University's New Year's reception. However, the Campus Poet is also present at major events occurring in the city, the country or the world. The same goes for meetings hosted by a School or department or the interdisciplinary programs organized by Academic Forum.

campus poet martijn faes

The current campus poet is Martijn Faes.


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