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Tilburg University Campus Developments

In its strategic plan, Tilburg University has set out its ambitions to become a medium-sized university. Increasingly more students choose to study here. The prognosis suggests growth until 2025, after which student numbers are expected to stabilize. To accommodate these growing numbers of students, more lecture halls are required and other campus facilities need to be adapted or extended as well.

This expansion has been translated into a Real Estate Program, including, for example, the realization of a new educational building. The parking facilities on campus are also part of this plan. Op this page, we will keep you posted on current campus developments.

Expanding campus and facilities

Why is new development necessary?
Will the university grow further?
Where will the new educational building be located?
What effect will the expansion of Tilburg University have on parking in the surrounding streets?

The new educational building

What is the size of the new building?
How many people will be able to study and work in the educational building?