De compacte, groene campus van Tilburg University

Tilburg University Campus Developments

Tilburg University has the ambition to grow into a medium-sized university. The quality of the learning and working environment is an important precondition for good performance. Tilburg University strives to be an inspiring environment in which students and employees can develop themselves to their full potential.

Our campus is more than merely a place where ‘knowledge is kept’. It offers new spaces where students, researchers, and instructors are empowered with the help of innovative, digital technology. It provides room for events and meetings that strengthen academic connections, with new insights arising as researchers share facilities. The campus makes for a vitalizing working and studying environment that stimulates people to experience interconnection and inspiration.

Campus Vision 2040

The campus must be able to keep up with a changing world and be a seed bed for unexpected opportunities. It also reflects what Tilburg University stands for: contributing to solving important social issues. The choices we make in new buildings or renovating existing ones have a significant impact. Our point of departure is generating positive outcomes for humans, animals, and the environment. We also aspire to achieve a campus that nurtures, encourages, and facilitates a sense of community, social interaction, and connection.

We have described how we see the future of our campus in our Campus Vision 2040 – Towards a circular campus in connection with the city. It contains our visions, two decades ahead, and indicates the direction we want to take in developing our buildings and grounds. In doing so, we are guided in part by our institution’s strategy and the four values on which it concentrates: curious, caring, connected, and courageous. But above all, our decisions about the development of our campus are based on four pillars that we believe are essential to a successful campus.

  1. A campus in connection with its environment
  2. Sustainable buildings and grounds
  3. An inviting meeting place
  4. Smart concepts

Download the Campus Vision 2040

Focus areas

The center of gravity of our activities is evidently in Tilburg and the connection with the ecosystems of the city is crucial. In realizing the Campus Vision, we concentrate on focus areas along the Knowledge axis in Tilburg: roughly the area from the Warande forest to the city center.

We distinguish between the sites of Warande, Sports & Living, and Spoorzone, each with its own development strategy. These focus areas form part of our Tilburg campus. Utrecht (TST) and Den Bosch (JADS) are considered external sites where we consolidate our presence, from its historical context and based on collaboration with regional partners.


We also consolidate at the Warande site, and will continue to invest in new buildings to replace existing ones, and we have a major task in making the buildings we have more sustainable. We will also strengthen the green structure, traditionally one of the most appreciated characteristics of this site.

Sports & Living 

The Sports & Living site is the location where we will expand our sports facilities as sports play an essential role in the development and the social lives of students. On this site, we will combine sports with other facilities in the field of health and wellbeing, strengthening the connecting with the direct environment. We are also going to dedicate potential locations for student housing, since the shortage of accommodation continues to be acute.


Spoorzone is the site where we will expand with functionalities that link up with the existing ecosystem. In doing so, the focus will not be on shifting functions away from the Warande site but we will seize the opportunity to work towards a Tilburg University City Campus.


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