Tilburg University campus

Tilburg University Campus Developments

Tilburg University has the ambition to grow into a medium-sized university. The quality of the learning and working environment is an important precondition for good performance. Tilburg University strives to be an inspiring environment in which students and employees can develop themselves to their full potential.

The starting point for the accommodation is a modern and attractive campus with well-equipped buildings. This means buildings that contribute to a good and inspiring learning and working environment and that offer flexibility to easily respond to future developments. The following ambitions are central:

  • to offer a high quality and flexible learning and working environment;
  • to increase the efficiency of the use of space;
  • to further integrate sustainability in the housing policy.

In order to realize these ambitions and to maintain and strengthen the unique and distinctive green character of the campus, there are important developments in the field of real estate at Tilburg University. These include expanding and renovating the educational and research facilities, but also renovating the restaurant facilities and expanding the sports facilities. These campus developments are described in the Strategic Real Estate Vision 2018-2025. This forms the roadmap for the accommodation of education and research and the design of the campus grounds.

Expanding and renovating the campus

It is therefore necessary to adapt existing buildings, add new buildings, and improve campus facilities. The sketch below shows the most important projects.

Campus Developments - aerial photo

Impression of campus development

In 2018, the first new building project since 2005 was completed: educational building CUBE. The growth in recent years has led to the need for another educational building. This new building, which will be realized next to CUBE, will offer space for lecture rooms of various sizes, independent study areas and a foyer for events.

With the growth of the number of students and staff, the existing restaurant is also in need of replacement and expansion. Therefore, new facilities will be built on the location of the current Prisma building. This will include a modern food court in combination with office/study functions. Therefore it is necessary to demolish the current Prisma building. The current restaurant will also be demolished. The new purpose of this location has yet to be determined.

Given the importance we attach to the green character of our campus, we are working with an urban planner and landscape architect to ensure that the landscaping of the new construction projects fits in optimally with the surrounding environment. This includes paying attention to increased biodiversity, replanting, rainwater harvesting, and bicycle parking as part of the landscape design.

Venues outside the campus

The education and research of Tilburg University does not only take place on the campus at Warandelaan. Students and staff also study and work in one of the most imaginative area developments in the Netherlands: Tilburg’s Spoorzone. With the new building of MindLabs, Tilburg University will expand its activities in the field of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, among other things. In addition, the feasibility study for a yet-to-be-developed building where entrepreneurial education, living and working come together has been positively completed. We are now continuing in a preliminary design process.

A stone's throw away from the campus is the Sports Center. The role that sports play in the development and social life of students is very important. In order to even better accommodate the growing numbers of students, the Sports Center will also be renovated. In addition to adding new spaces, existing sports will also be better accommodated.

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