Prisma Building

Demolition Prisma building

At the beginning of 2021, a start will be made with the demolition of Prisma building. This building was constructed in the 1980s. Although office space was its main purpose, there were also classrooms in the building. By current standards, the building is no longer suitable for these two purposes and will therefore be demolished to make room for a new build. The demolition activities will last until the Fall of 2021.

Circular demolition

Demolition will take place in a circular fashion, i.e., the vast majority of the building materials will be reused. With a materials passport, components have been identified that can be reused, such as doors, fuse boxes, ceilings. Parts that are not completely reused are recycled (concrete, steel, bricks). A small amount of material remains that must be disposed of responsibly, such as asbestos.

We will carry out the work in two phases. In the first phase, components and building materials will be removed with as little damage as possible so they can be reused. In this phase, the asbestos will be removed from the building. No nuisance is expected and classes in adjacent buildings can continue as usual.

In the second phase, the heavy load-bearing structure, floors, and the roof will be removed. This has to be done with heavy equipment. This will be done in the summer months (July and August) to prevent disruption as much as possible. Warande building will have to be completely closed and nuisance is to be expected in other neighboring buildings as well. Alternative exam locations will be found in this period.

As a local resident, will I experience inconvenience as a result of the demolition?
Other things we do to limit nuisance
What route will construction traffic take?
Will any streets be closed during construction?
Will the parking lot on the side of the Warande forest remain open?
What about safety during the demolition works?
Campus Developments - aerial photo