Prisma Building

Demolition Prisma building

At the beginning of 2021, a start will be made with the demolition of the Prisma building. This building was built in the 80's with office space as its main function. A secondary function of this building was education. In the meantime the building is no longer suitable for both purposes according to current standards. Therefore, this building will be demolished to make room for a new building including a food court. The work will last until the autumn of 2021.

Circular demolition

We do the demolition circularly. The vast majority of the materials that are released are given a new purpose. With a materials passport we have mapped out which parts can be reused, such as doors, electrical cabinets, ceiling. Parts that are not completely reused are recycled (concrete, steel, brick). This leaves a very small part that we dispose of responsibly, such as asbestos.

We carry out the work in two phases. In the first phase, we mainly dismantle. We remove parts and building materials with as little damage as possible for reuse. In this phase we also remove asbestos from the building. No nuisance is then to be expected and the education in adjacent buildings can continue.

In the second phase we remove the heavy load-bearing structure, floors and roof. This has to be done with heavy equipment. We do this in the summer vacations (July and August) to disrupt education and research as little as possible. The Warandegebouw will then have to be completely closed and nuisance is to be expected in some other buildings as well. Alternatives will be determined for exams in this period.

Do I, as a local resident, suffer from nuisance of demolition?
What else do we do to limit nuisance?
Which route does construction traffic take?
Are there streets that are closed during construction?
Is the parking lot on the side of the Warandebos open?
What about safety during the demolition works?
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