TFT gebouw Tilburg University

TFT building partially demolished

The TFT building, located at Academielaan 9, housed the Theological Faculty Tilburg, a company restaurant and various study associations until 2006. Then it was leased to the municipality of Tilburg for years for the temporary housing of a mosque and childcare center Unikids pending redevelopment. It does no longer meet current standards. Therefore, the building will be partially demolished to make room for a new building. The monumental part of the building will be retained and redesigned for different purposes. The demolition work will last through the fall of 2021.

The building, designed by architect Jos Bedaux, was realized between 1959 and 1965 and is partly a municipal monument. It has had several functions over the years, including the accommodation of the School of Theology, from which it takes its current name.

Circular demolition

Demolition will take place in a circular fashion, i.e., the vast majority of the building materials will be reused. With a materials passport, components have been identified that can be reused, such as doors, fuse boxes, ceilings. Parts that are not completely reused are recycled (concrete, steel, bricks). A small amount of material remains that must be disposed of responsibly, such as asbestos.

Works schedule

We will carry out the work in two phases. In the first phase, components and building materials will be removed doing as little damage as possible so they can be reused. Then the asbestos will be removed from the building. This step is expected to cause little to no inconvenience to the surrounding area. In the second phase, the heavy load-bearing structure, floors, and the roof will be removed. This will involve the use of heavy equipment. We expect this work to take place in the period from August to the middle of October.

As a local resident, will I experience inconvenience as a result of the demolition?
What route will construction traffic take?
Will any streets be closed during construction?
What about safety during the demolition work?