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Sustainable Housing Policy

Tilburg University is proud of its green campus, that is unique in the Netherlands. We take into account the preservation of the green image in campus developments and strengthen it where possible. We stimulate biodiversity and increase the infiltration of rainwater.

Tilburg University's sustainability ambitions are integrated into its housing policy, in both visible and invisible solutions. In existing buildings, the economical use of space (fewer m² with more quality) contributes significantly to the sustainability goals. The starting point for completely new buildings is obtaining the BREAAM Excellent or Outstanding sustainability certificate and meeting the BENG standard (Almost Energy Neutral Buildings) and the Fresh Air in Schools class A ambition level. In addition, circular construction plays an increasingly important role in our projects, both new-build and renovation. Circular building is part of the circular economy, which is all about the smart use of raw materials, products, and goods so they can be reused indefinitely.