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Alumni talk E&BI

Date: Time: 13:30 Location: Online

An interactive online session organized by IQONIC, Asset S&L and Student Career Services where 2 alumni share their entrepreneurial knowledge and experience on the topic "Project Management".

During the session 2 alumni, Sander Berendsen and Bas van der Werf share their inspiring entrepreneurial stories with you. They will tell for example:

  • How they started their first business and how they went on from there
  • What obstacles they encountered and how they dealt with them
  • How projectmanagement is part of their work and why it is important
  • What plans they have for the future

In order to make it an interactive session we invite you to ask questions. You can do this during the session and before by filling in the form you find by scanning the QR code. Our alumni are happy to answer all your questions during the session.


the program of the alumni talk session is:

13:30-13:40 Introduction talk Sander Berendsen

13:40-13:50 Introduction talk Bas van der Werf

13:50-14:15 Q&A

The session is organized for E&BI students, but students of other programs are also invited to join!

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