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JADS - Workshop: How to come up with a brilliant idea for your startup? (Part 2)

Date: Time: 09:00 Location: JADS Mariënburg

Two weeks after the first session you will be challenged to go the extra mile on your creativity. To really find an innovative solution you need to activate your individual creativity. During this ideation challenge we provide you with a short theoretical base on individual and collective creativity and we activate it with some inspiring small exercises. In the second part of the workshop we help you to use your creativity to go beyond the normal ideas and think of crazy, inspiring, exciting solutions to your problem.

How to come up with a brilliant idea for your startup? 

17 September, 9.00-12.00, Location JADS Mariënburg.

Join these 2 workshops. The 1st will help you to find a problem area and look for real challenges. The 2nd workshop continues on the 1st and helps you to translate the problem into an innovative solution.

The workshops are interactive, inspiring and fun!

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