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Workshop Social Business Modeling | Global Entrepreneurship Week

Date: Time: 12:00 Location: K7, Koopmans Building

Through Global Entrepreneurship Week, we focus on four distinct theme areas to spotlight impactful voices and organizations -- as well as inspiring activities - that are helping empower entrepreneurs everywhere. Learn more on how to make your business a social enterprise during this workshop!

This workshop on social entrepreneurship is brought to you by Kerry Forrester. Kerry  is a dedicated lecturer in the Department of Organization Studies at Tilburg University, where she inspires her students to make a positive impact on society through social entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability.

Kerry's expertise in social entrepreneurship allows her to provide practical and insightful knowledge to her students. Her lectures are designed to encourage critical thinking and to challenge students to explore innovative and effective strategies for creating social change. Her Msc degree in Global Management of Social Issues has equipped her with a deep understanding of the complex social and environmental challenges that the world faces today. She is passionate about hybrid organizations and social and environmental entrepreneurship, believing that businesses have the power to make a significant impact on society.

Note that this event will be in English.