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Station88 - Workshop: LinkedIn leadgeneration through social selling (Dutch event)

Date: Time: 15:00 Location: Burgemeester Brokxlaan 12

It is the use of social media networks and online tools to make your role as an entrepreneur easier and more efficient when it comes to lead generation, closing deals, customer management and building customer trust. The consultative aspect is becoming increasingly important. True 'social sellers' use the web and social media to manage and identify current and prospective customers by listening, connecting, engaging and sharing relevant information. The guiding principle of social selling is therefore simple: It is not about who you know as an entrepreneur, but who knows the services of you as an entrepreneur!

This workshop is offered by ondernemersadvies from the municipality of Tilburg and is provided by Elton Backx

The aim of the training is to let you as an entrepreneur actively get started with finding new customers by using LinkedIn correctly. 

For whom? 

For all entrepreneurs who want to use LinkedIn as a lead generator for growing their business. 

What are you going home with? 

Tools that help you find new customers via LinkedIn. 


  • Approaching potential new customers through social selling; 
  • Draw up a target list of potential customers (using Sales Navigator); 
  • Moving from push to pull strategy to acquire new customers;
  • Advanced search using Boolean method on job titles, keywords in industries; 
  • How to make a 1st line connection from 2nd line; 
  • Can approach customers in a hard direct as well as a soft way; 
  • How to positively influence your relationships online through content and ensure connection; 
  • Difference between high-end and low-end content; 
  • Frequency of posting and interaction; 
  • The importance of using the right hashtags; 
  • Promote messages through LinkedIn Campaign manager. 

During this workshop you will need a laptop or tablet, bring it with you! After the workshop you will receive a manual and a handout of the presentation.

Are you interested? Registration is free, but not without obligation. We expect you to come when you register.

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*Note that this event will be held in Dutch