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Station 88 - Workshop: More sales with your story; storytelling! (Dutch event)

Date: Time: 14:00 Location: Burgermeester Brokxlaan 12

WOW! What a great product and wonderful service you have. You yourself are completely convinced, the opportunities and possibilities that you create for your customers are fantastic. But still… it is not always easy to convince them of this. How come? This workshop focuses on more sales, with your story!

What story do you tell? In this workshop, you will learn about and work on eight sales stories that you need to tell your prospect. Stories with which you really connect, stories with which you make clear what your added value is and stories with which you keep influence on the decision of the prospect. Even if you have long left his office. 

Eight stories that connect to your sales funnel, so that you know how to captivate your prospect from introduction to starting a collaboration! 

This workshop is offered by the Gemeente Tilburg and is provided by Harry Slagman from Storybusiness.

For whom? 

You have the ambition to turn every prospect into your customer! But are you still looking for some handles to achieve (even) more success in this. 

What are you going home with?

You are included in the sales power of stories, why it works, how it works and what you can do with it, turn a prospect into your customer! We will work on developing your own story that suits your situation. A story that you can use immediately the next day. Interactive and practical! 

Of course, we talk about “techniques” but we don't do that for too long. During this workshop, we invest in “making a difference”. How do you convince the other person, how do you connect and how do you present yourself as a credible expert? 

In the end, you have a story that you can use immediately the next day. You know how and where to find your (sales) stories and you know the structure of a story. In addition, you are familiar with the most important storytelling techniques and know how to apply them. 

The program in a nutshell

  • Sales and Storytelling; The salesperson and the storyteller  
  • The dynamics of Storytelling  
  • The eight sales stories 
  • Learning and decision styles  . Who is my “audience?” 
  • What do you want to achieve? 
  • What is your (core) message? 
  • Finding the right story  
  • Building a story in 9 steps  

Are you interested? There are a limited number of places. Registration is free, but not without obligation. We expect you to come when you register.  

This event is a physical meeting, we always take into account the guidelines of the RIVM. 

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*This event will be held in Dutch