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Enactus Tilburg & Friends Podcast #2: Tom Leenders, co-founder of zero waste headphone company Gerrard Street

Published: 04th January 2022 Last updated: 04th January 2022

In this second episode of the Enactus Tilburg & Friends video/podcast, the students of Enactus Tilburg University sat down for a conversation with Tom Leenders, co-founder of circular headphone company Gerrard Street. The conversation spanned topics such as Gerrard Street's mission to reduce e-waste, the challenges of launching a physical product, the tough and messy process of product validation, and Tom's learnings along the way. The conversation concluded with a fun quiz segment in which Tom's knowledge on various topics was put to the test.
Stay tuned for future episodes of the monthly Enactus Tilburg & Friends podcast!

About Enactus 

Enactus is a worldwide student organization with a focus on sustainable and social entrepreneurship. Members of Enactus collaborate and receive support from business, non-profit and academic partners in order to launch and develop social enterprises. At Enactus, we believe investing in students who take entrepreneurial action for others creates a better world for us all.

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