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Global Entrepreneurship Week

Published: 10th November 2022 Last updated: 22nd November 2022

Tilburg University / IQONIC and other educational institutions in Brabant go for it: the Global Entrepreneurship Week from November 14 to 18 is the moment of the year to offer (starting) entrepreneurs an inspiring program. For the second time all high educational institutions and entrepreneurial organizations in Brabant will join forces and organize a week of gatherings, workshops and events especially for student entrepreneurs. Why are they doing this?

Edward van de Pol, strategy ecosystems and entrepreneurship at Tilburg University: "Together with various partners, IQONIC / Tilburg University organizes the GEW. In 2020 we started with only Fontys, Station 88 and Tilburg University and had 500 participants in the various events. Currently we are working in the partnership with JADS, TU/e , BUas, HAS, Fontys, , Avans and Braventure. We want to inspire, motivate, empower, connect and share knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship with students, student entrepreneurs, alumni, researchers, employees and their business partners. Because we believe that by encouraging entrepreneurship as a university, we make an impact. In and for society."

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is a collection of tens of thousands of events, activities and competitions that inspire millions of people each November to explore their potential as entrepreneurs while strengthening connections and increasing collaboration within their ecosystems. The Global Entrepreneurship Network operates a platform of projects and programs in 170 countries aimed at making it easier for anyone, anywhere, to start and scale a business. 


Program GEW 2022


Remarkably, little to nothing is being done about it in the Netherlands. The last post on Facebook of Global Entrepreneurship Week Netherlands dates from 2020. Except therefore in Brabant, a province with a top climate for (student) startups. Job Nijs, director of Braventure: "Currently, our province is the most highly developed startup ecosystem in the Netherlands after Amsterdam. However, our ambition extends further, we have everything we need to grow to a top European position and to this end our partners in Brabant have joined forces. In this way we can create an even better breeding ground for the jobs of the future and the solutions that also create value far beyond Brabant." For example, IQONIC, a label of Tilburg University that represents and supports all aspects of entrepreneurship within the university, guides and supports several student startups from its incubator and also organizes the Tilburg University Challenge annually. Fontys does this through their Center for Entrepreneurship in Tilburg and Eindhoven and Avans with their Entrepreneurship Center. JADS, BUas and HAS are also committed to entrepreneurship.


The program during the GEW offers something for everyone. Events are organized at various locations in Brabant, from a Dragon's Den in Den Bosch to an Inspiration event in Tilburg. And on Thursday a bowling competition will be held simultaneously at various locations in Brabant. For the complete agenda, visit  https://www.gew-brabant.nl/Schedule