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Tilburg legal tech startup HalloLex raises 500.000 euro with investors

Published: 21st April 2022 Last updated: 21st April 2022

The Tilburg-based company HalloLex has acquired an investment of 500,000 euros this week. With the money, given by angel investors, the young company of founder Bas van der Werf wants to realise further growth of the organisation.

Deploying Software-as-a-Service and increasing reach

HalloLex, founded in 2019, helps entrepreneurs easily obtain legal documents such as contracts, AVG agreements and general terms and conditions. In early April, the company was added to the Legal Tech Map 2022. This map contains the most relevant legal tech companies of the Netherlands. HalloLex-founder Bas van der Werf: "Especially in combination with the substantial investment, this is the confirmation that the market demands renewed services and that we are on the right track. With the investment we received this month, we want to make our services better and more accessible. We are also going to focus even more emphatically on automation, in particular Software-as-a-Service."

Total legal solution

The young company, which works mainly for freelancers and SMEs, now has fourteen people on board. These are mainly employees with a legal background. After the financial commitment, two in-house developers will be added. They are engaged in the further development of proprietary software and the streamlining of digital dashboards and workflows. This for the benefit of white label environments for organisations that work a lot with legal documents. In this way, HalloLex links lawyers to ICT professionals, with an applicable product and eventual process optimisation as its goal. "Although we are strongly committed to digitisation and automation, we make the difference with our human approach. The unique thing is that HalloLex always legally checks the ordered document before it is stored in the customer's digital file. Contracts with stipulations that are contrary to the law are therefore a thing of the past for our customers. Our service is a balanced mix of data and human brainpower," says Van der Werf.

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According to the 25-year-old entrepreneur, the legal branch is in dire need of innovation: "In our opinion, the sector innovates too little. HalloLex wants to optimize legal services, by generating legally valid documents in a smart way. Not in jargon that the average entrepreneur or employee has trouble understanding, but in plain language. Clear, accessible and refreshing: that is how we are."