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Tilburg University Challenge start-up Yopla automates your healthy & sustainable grocery planning

Published: 22nd April 2022 Last updated: 22nd April 2022

Tilburg University Challenge winner of the Ideation Award Purvi Sankhla, has pursued her journey into the start-up Yopla. This is a sustainability-oriented start-up that puts healthy and sustainable living on autopilot mode. Especially since today is Earth Day, this start-up deserves some special attention.

Our aim

Our aim is to put healthy and sustainable living on autopilot mode.
Food is an integral part of everyone’s life- it not only impacts us but also the planet. Food is one of the largest contributors to climate change, as it contributes to over 1/4th of GHGs. 
Each one of our choices matter too- we all can make a difference- bite by bite + week by week.

Why Yopla?

Yopla understands that food choices are super complicated and personal.  Just imagine, Spotify for groceries! 
We aim to nudge sustainable food choices by automating and rewarding them- that too without letting go of the personal preferences. 
Yopla has its roots in the smart K.I.S.S algorithm. This started as a research-based idea at the Tilburg University Challenge.

How Yopla works?

We use user preferences, science, and climate impact calculations to generate your personalized recipe and grocery plan on a weekly basis. This also indirectly helps in budget planning and reducing food waste. 

What next?

Expect a more interactive, fun and intuitive platform- calendar sync, grocery stock plan, sharing journey posts and inspiring others.
Yopla aims to be the first ever platform where the information flows from the consumer side, rather than from the corporate side. We want them to listed to the billion voices- leading to billion votes.