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Belgian broadcaster TRIXXO enters niche market for young talent with acquisition of JAMwerkt

Published: 09th July 2021 Last updated: 28th July 2021

The originally Belgian broadcaster TRIXXO has strengthened its position in the Netherlands by acquiring JAMwerkt, a fast-growing online broadcasting platform in North Brabant. In the past 9.5 years, JAMwerkt has grown into a specialist in the mediation of young talent from the region. The platform is now active in 2/3 of Noord-Brabant and with this acquisition, this growth will only be accelerated.

The founders Miranda, Ruud (alumnus at Tilburg University) and Martijn Schippers will work in their current role until the end of the year, after which they will have an advisory role to safeguard the DNA of the organization. They will then start working in the family business The Schippers Group. “We were looking for a party that shares our core values, fits well with our team and has the strength to take the next steps in the growth of JAMwerkt. We found this at TRIXXO. Since the first conversation, we immediately clicked with the founder and the other MT members. We, therefore, have every confidence that TRIXXO is the right party”, says Ruud Schippers.

JAM werkt Trixxo overname

TRIXXO Jobs currently has ten offices in the Netherlands with a turnover of 35 million euros. “And our hunger has not yet been quenched,” adds Frank Vliegen, CEO of TRIXXO Jobs. “We want to continue to grow in the Netherlands. Because there are opportunities that we should not miss.” Earlier this year, TRIXXO also took over the Dutch employment agencies 'Mainwork' and 'Ruimbaan'.

 “Until now, we mainly worked in the Netherlands as a temporary employment agency in Safety, Logistics and Customer Service. Through these acquisitions, we are expanding our service more and more. All our acquisitions have been chosen very strategically and are complementary to each other. With the acquisition of JAMwerkt, as an online broadcasting platform aimed at young talent, we are adding a new niche to our offer.””

JAMwerkt will continue to focus on young talent and will fall under the TRIXXO Group as a separate label. Little will change for both customers and employees, but they too will feel the positive effects of the synergies and economies of scale created by this acquisition. With JAMwerkt's expected turnover of 7 million euros this year, TRIXXO is taking an important step towards the consolidated turnover target of 125 million euros and is well on its way to becoming a major player in the Dutch temporary employment sector. 

More about JAMwerkt

JAMwerkt was founded on March 1, 2012 by the brothers Ruud (28), Martijn (25) and their sister Miranda Schippers (29). The organization now has more than 9 years of experience in mediating young talent (from generation Y and Z) in the logistics, technology, catering and office sectors. In recent years, the organization has grown to a team of 18 young professionals and around 300 to 350 young people work daily via the platform on a temporary basis. In addition, the Talent Bank helps many candidates with a new challenge every month on the basis of recruitment and selection.


More about TRIXXO

TRIXXO Jobs was founded in 2014 in Hoeselt, Belgium/Limburg, and had a turnover of 65 million in 2020. With their temporary employment agency, they are specialists in a number of niche markets such as: safety (firefighters), construction, catering, logistics, customer service and technical functions. They have 40 of their own offices in Belgium and the Netherlands and access to another 115 locations in Belgium via the network of sister company TRIXXO Service Checks (cleaning for families). 71% of their temporary workers receive a permanent contract with the hirers/customers. TRIXXO is a family company with ditto DNA: ambitious, growth-oriented, creative and technologically strong.