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In the IQONIC incubator Tilburg University startups are given the opportunity to rapidly develop their innovative ideas to successful businesses in a dynamic environment.


You will find the IQONIC Incubator in the Intermezzo building. In this hotspot on the Tilburg University campus, startups (students and researchers of Tilburg University) are given the opportunity to rapidly develop their innovative ideas to successful businesses in a dynamic environment by offering affordable office spaces, coaching, training, funding and access to a network of professionals.

There are meeting rooms, flexible workspaces for pre-incubation and office spaces for startups. In addition, the Innovation Space and the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship can also be found in the Intermezzo building, on the ground and first floors. 

The following startups are currently located in the Incubator:


As a startup and researcher, you will be guided in the development of your company by our experienced business developers. They have many years of experience in supporting startups and starting up their own business. Moreover, they are part of the Brabant network of business developers within the Brabant startup program Braventure, in which all six Brabant Higher Education Institutions and six Brabant Development Companies participate. Together they have all the knowledge and network to speed up your startup.

Do you have a good idea or research project that can be brought to market? Make an appointment with one of our business developers.

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Our extensive network of investors, mentors and specialists will help you with questions about IP, legal issues, grants, funding, accountancy or creating your team.  In addition, you are in an active ecosystem of startups, alumni and businesses from the region that are in the same phase as you, have already gone through the same process or may be your launching customer.

Connect to the ecosystem by participating in our events or get in touch with one of our business developers. 

Koen Lavrijssen from Mr. Winston

Sparring and networking partner

"It is very valuable if there is someone who accompanies you and who knows parties you can spar with or who can help shape your sales structure or financing." 

Koen, Mr. Winston

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Speed up your startup with the programs you can follow at IQONIC or one of our partners. As a student entrepreneur or researcher, you have the opportunity to follow these programs for free. They are based on years of academic and practical experience and consist of modules such as Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition, Startup Financials, Investor Readiness, Sales, Marketing and Pitch. Depending on the phase your startup or research is in, you choose one or more modules. This gives you all necessary skills and knowledge to bring your idea or research to the market faster.


Even in the earliest phase of your knowledge-intensive startup or research, you sometimes need funding to get results quickly. For example for establishing intellectual property, developing a prototype, or for a commercial and/or technical feasibility study. As a student entrepreneur or researcher at Tilburg University, you can make use of funds from which loans ranging from 5,000 to 350,000 can be provided.

Read more about financing from:

Are you looking for funding for your startup? Together with our business developer, you can look at the possibilities to achieve an optimal financial mix, including the possibilities of grants and investors, appropriate to the phase in which your startup is in.

Study and entrepreneurship

Tilburg University is proud of its students with dual careers. As a student, you can be recognized as a Talent by Tilburg University. The university will then support you as a top entrepreneur with the dual career regulation in order to make the combination of two careers possible. The regulation is part of the Student Charter. 

Another possible for student entrepreneurs is to apply for the Flex Studying Regulation. This regulation makes it possible to take fewer courses during the academic year. 

See how you can qualify as an entrepreneur or make an appointment with one of our business developers to discuss the possibilities.


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Every idea and every startup is different. Arrange a personal interview with our business developers to find out together what we can do for you.

  • Determine what resources you need: for your product, the market or your company
  • Gain access to a unique network of coaches and internal training courses
  • Join the network of startups in Brabant via IQONIC, with extensive experience in assisting budding entrepreneurs
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