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Welcome to the Knowledge Transfer Office of Tilburg University, where our focus is on facilitating the transfer of knowledge and expertise from the academic world to society. Our ultimate goal is to promote the societal impact of research conducted at Tilburg University, and we work closely with researchers to achieve this goal.

As a research-intensive university, Tilburg University is committed to conducting research that addresses pressing societal challenges and contributes to the public good. Our KTO serves as the central point of contact for researchers seeking to promote the societal impact of their research, and provides a range of resources and services to support their efforts.

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Joint forces

With support of the university, he found a reliable software developer for Kolibrie, the anonymous COVID-19 self-help tool for entrepreneurs: "Dirk helped me a lot, with his network, language skills, and advice on project management." - Nuno, researcher and founder

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Our services are designed to help researchers maximize the impact of their research findings, and include:

  1. Knowledge Transfer Strategy Development: We work with researchers to develop a knowledge transfer strategy that aligns with their research goals and maximizes the societal impact of their research findings, including design sessions, and provide training programs to improve personal skillset on Valoristation Leadership.
  2. Stakeholder Engagement: We facilitate engagement between researchers and external stakeholders, including non-profit organizations, government agencies, and industry partners. By connecting researchers with these stakeholders, we help to ensure that their research is relevant, impactful, and contributes to the public good.
  3. Communications and Outreach: We help researchers to communicate their research findings to a broader audience, through channels such as media relations, social media, and public events. By raising awareness of their research and its potential impact, we help researchers to maximize its societal impact.
  4. Funding Opportunities: We provide guidance on funding opportunities that support knowledge transfer and societal impact activities, and assist researchers with grant applications.

Because of the unique character of our university we seek a broader perspective for impact rather than have a priority in commercializing our knowledge. We do follow the national strategy of all Dutch universities on valorisation, e.g. the dealterms set up by the UNL, we are able to leverage the collective expertise and resources of the higher education sector to promote knowledge transfer and societal impact. We believe that this collaborative approach is key to achieving the ambitious goals set out in the national strategy, and we are proud to be part of this effort.

For more info please contact the Knowledge transfer Office:

Dirk van den Berg
Impact Developer Research 

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Elisabeth Huis in ’t Veld

Grant for startup

"Tilburg University helped me to get a Take-Off grant specifically for startups from the NWO (Dutch organisation for academic research). With this we can now build a prototype." -  Elisabeth, assistent-professor/starting entrepreneur

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