DAF Technology Lab

DAF Technology Lab

This virtual and mixed reality laboratory offers unique opportunities for immersive education, innovative research, and corporate partnerships

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The DAF Technology Lab can accommodate approximately fifteen people at a time. If you are interested in working together with Tilburg University and want to know what the lab can offer you, please contact Maarten Horden. Maarten will contact you about the possibilities.

Facilities DAF Technology Lab

  • 8 Short Throw Projectors. High Speed Position Tracker
  • 1 Oculus Rift
  • 25 rechargeable radio frequency active 3D glasses
  • 2 WorldViz Wireless 6DOF tracked hand-held wands for PPT X and E
  • 2 WorldViz Wireless PPT Eyes mountable trackers for shutter
  • WorldViz Architecture Interactive Software Platform
  • WorldViz High Performance Rendering PC for Projection System (includes NVIDIA Quadro + G-Sync
  • WorldViz Network Control Unit for "Flying-Classroom" projection system
  • Scalable Discplay Manager (SDM) software with EasyBlend Technology - custom 8 channel integration for "flying classroom setup"