Coffee corner Montequieu

Sustainable coffee

Cirfood has made sustainable choices for the coffee sold in its outlets at CUBE and Montesquieu. The coffee is made with circular coffee beans.

Circle of Beans

With circular coffee beans Cirfood takes its responsibility for a complete circular process with the drink most frequently sold in their outlets: coffee.

How does the process works?

The coffee is roasted in the Circle of Beans (COB) roastery in Ede. The coffee roaster runs on biofuel, which is extracted from that same coffee. The roast coffee is then delivered to Cirfood in reusable buckets. COB then also collects the spent coffee grounds (coffee waste) at CUBE and Montesquieu. All collected coffee grounds go into a reactor, together with bacteria. The bacteria eat the coffee grounds and change it into biofuel. The coffee roaster runs on this sustainable gas.