Doe aan yoga bij het Sports Center

About the Sports Center

The Sports Center offers a wide variety of sports and exercise facilities at all levels. It is open to students, staff and alumni of Tilburg University, the Tilburg locations of Fontys University and Avans University, and others (by invitation). The Sports Center exists to help all users to reach the peak of physical fitness and achieve their sporting aims.

Key objectives of Sports Center policy

  • The Sports Center is a non-profit organization which aims only to cover its own costs. It therefore offers membership at a price appropriate to a student budget. Use of the Sports Center is also a good complement to the many other staff benefits offered by Tilburg University and its partner organizations to its staff members.
  • The University and its partner organizations will themselves benefit from having staff and students who are physically fit, since this will ensure that they perform at their very best. Mens sana in corpore sano: a healthy mind in a healthy body. The Sports Center wishes to facilitate this aim and therefore places quality above quantity.
  • The Sports Center offers a broad program of activities and facilities for both recreational users and those who wish to play sports at a competitive level. Wherever possible, sports are played 'in house', i.e. in and around the Sports Center itself. Where this is not possible, the Sports Center will seek alternative, mutually acceptable solutions.
  • The Sports Center has extended opening hours to enable members to use the facilities at a time which suits them.
  • Sport is a social activity. The Sports Center strives to offer a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Key values such as respect for others, involvement and politeness are considered very important.
  • The Sports Center recognizes Student Sports Council FOSST as the representative body for all users. It seeks the advice of FOSST and is always open to ideas and suggestions. Conversely, the Sports Center expects FOSST to show due involvement in the Sports Center and its activities.
  • The Sports Center maintains close contact with the various student sports associations, providing assistance as required.
  • The Sports Center attaches great importance to elite sport (at the national or international competitive level), which it wishes to facilitate within the region.
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