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Fit Break from home

Published: 14th January 2021 Last updated: 14th January 2021

At the moment we work as much as possible from home. And at home it might be a bit more difficult to get away from your laptop or to go for a walk. While this is so important! That is why the Sports Center organizes the online Fit Break.

Together with your department, you will get exercises once a week from a instructor of the Sports Center. Through these exercises you will be able to continue working fit and refreshed. Join with your colleagues in this short active break to clear your head and get new energy.

Register online with your department.

We work with a time block of five weeks. If you register, we expect you to participate in these five weeks.

'Recently, we discussed in our team how we can make sure that we get enough exercise and stay connected.
One of the ideas was to organize an online sports moment. For this, I contacted our Sports Center and a week later the fit break was in everyone's agenda. An intensive half hour of sports behind your laptop under the supervision of sports teacher Andrew. We are very excited and certainly want to keep it up
Ramona van der Linden - HR Division