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Three short workouts for you at home

Published: 14th January 2021 Last updated: 14th January 2021

Do you sometimes need a short exercise break while studying or working? The Sports Center has three short workouts for you to do at home, ranging from sit-ups and crunches to push-ups and lunges. Will you challenge your family, friends, or household members to participate in one of these challenges? Good luck!

Challenge #1: “Ab”normal

100 sit-ups* in 5 minutes
*Too heavy? Start with crunches.

Challenge #2: Upper/Lower Challenge

1 squat, 1 push-up*
2 squats, 2 push-ups
3 squats, 3 push-ups
Till 10 squats, 10 push-ups

Keep going with squats, while lowering push ups:

11 squats, 9 push-ups
12 squats, 8 push-ups
13 squats, 7 push-ups
Etc. till:
19 squats, 1 push-up
20 squats, Finished.

Feeling up for it? Do it again!

*Are push ups too heavy?
Make a push up from knee position.
Make a push up leaning on a table or wall.

Challenge #3: “Legs”ercise

Time frame: 10 to 20 minutes, depending on your strength and stamina. Every minute on the minute. How does it work?

Start time and begin doing lunges.
After 1 minute: interrupt lunges and do 15 crunches.
Continue doing lunges again, while the clock keeps ticking.
When the minute has passed: interrupt your lunges and do 15 crunches.
Keep on doing this routine until you finish the time frime you have set yourself.