Sports Center

Student sports associations

In the Netherlands, sports competitions are generally organized by sports associations and federations. This is also the case at the Sports Center. Both training and competition matches in over twenty sports are run by the relevant sports associations. A full list of the associations can be found elsewhere on this website.

The Sports Center exists primarily for students, as do its affiliated sports associations. They are also run entirely by students. If you are interested in joining an association, or wish to play in a match, you should contact the association directly. Don't be shy: they're waiting to hear from you!

FOSST Sports Council

The FOSST Sports Council represents the interests of all sport membership holders, regardless of whether they are also a member of a student sports association. FOSST promotes sport among students and is also the coordinating body for all student sports associations. It advises the Sports Center, and is the main channel of communication between the center's General Manager and the committees of the various associations. There is close and ongoing consultation between FOSST and the Sports Center.

Last but not least, the FOSST Sports Council organizes various events, both large and small such as a Carnivall Volleyball tournament and OSC Futsall.

Athletics: T.S.A.V. Parcival

Tilburg Student Athletics Asociation Parcival organises every Tuesday and Thursday a runningtraining for starting runners up to (very) advanced runners. Besides, Parcival organises a monthly drink among other cozy activities for her members.


Badminton: T.S.B.V. Sauron

Sauron is the student sport association of badminton. Students, alumni, and anyone who likes to play badminton are welcome to join. We offer trainings for all level players on Tuesdays and club nights on Wednesdays. Besides playing badminton, you also have chance to have fun with us in numerous events, including going to "Yonex Dutch Open", having drinks on Wednesdays after club night and other club activities.


Basketball: T.S.B.V. Pendragon

TSBV Pendragon is the student basketball association of Tilburg! With 4 men's and 1 women's team we compete at different levels! We also have a recreational mixed team for beginners. Feel free to join us at the recreational training on Wednesdays at 18:00h or chat afterwards with our members at the university Sports Bar Monday or Wednesday evenings. Our motto is: Play Smart, Party Hard!!


Climbing: TilSAC

Balancing on a ledge, you reach your sour arm and reach the top, looking out over the Maas. Later there will be beer and fire. Back home, we train indoors (Sports Center, Neoliet, BoulderBlock013) and have great activities: ice climbing, BBQs, drinks!


Cricket: T.S.C.A. Tigers

To promote the game of Cricket and encourage its followers and players in Tilburg, a cricket student association is established. The aim of T.S.C.A. Tigers is to introduce cricket to students and give an opportunity to students with a cricket background to play cricket in Tilburg. Practice sessions are scheduled every week on the hockey fields or the sports hall.


CrossFit: S.C.A. Fortis

S.C.A. Fortis is our CrossFit student sports association. The lessons are offered in T-Kwadraat. All classes are aimed at both beginners and advanced students.

S.C.A. Fortis organizes every month a (sportive) activity with a nice drink. 


Cycling: T.S.W.V. De Meet

TSWV De Meet is the sports association for cycling and mountainbiking students in Tilburg! We are a close and fun club who train, race and party together! Experienced or not, everyone's welcome.


Dance: T.S.D.V. DanceNation

DanceNation, the sports association for people who can't help but move when they hear the melody, feel the beat and experience the groove. Get active, go to fun activities with dancers of different styles to develop yourself as a dancer, make new friends and shine during our annual final show!


E-sports: TSEA Link

Tilburg Student Esports Association (TSEA) Link is an association that deals with e-sports, gaming, DnD, tabletop and everything related! We focus on organizing and participating in e-sports tournaments and LANs. Besides our competitive side, we also offer informal and social events. More information can be found on our website. See you soon!


Fitness: T.S.K.V. Spartacus

Spartacus is the association in Tilburg for everyone who is serious about strength training and bodybuilding. We offer clinics about training and nutrition for beginners and advanced sporters, so we can help everyone with achieving their goals. We stimulate training together and organize fun activities!

Several times a month, T.S.K.V. Spartacus organizes training sessions for both their members and other interested people.

January 1220:00 - 22:00hGeneral training
January 1820:00 - 22:00hPower lifting
January 2618:00 - 20:00hGeneral training


Golf: T.S.G.V. Underpar

Have you always wanted to play golf? Or do you already play golf for a while? This is the ideal moment to join our Tilburg Student Golf Association.Together with other students we organise trainings, contests, drinks and other events. Are you interested? Feel free to contact us for more information.


Gymnastics: Saltare

Flexibility, power and endurance is what T.S.T.V. Saltare stands for. Three times a week gymnastics trainings are provided in a fully equipped gymnastics hall. The levels vary from professionals to immature. Everyone can train on their own level and pace. Our members show off their qualities on the national competitions. In short, we ‘catches you with open arms’.


Handball: T.S.H.V.Camelot

T.S.H.V. Camelot is a handball club of and for students who would like to throw a ball alongside their study.   There are two league teams that both play 2nd class.

In summer, there are both men’s teams and women’s teams that play (inter)national beachhandball tournaments.


Hockey: T.S.H.V. Shot

T.S.H.V SHOT is a student sports association especially for those students in Tilburg that like to play field hockey and have a few drinks afterwards. Every Sunday several teams play matches, in which there is not only a first and second, but also a third half. Players at all levels are welcome to join!


Horse riding: T.S.R. Cave ne Cadas

Have you always wanted to do horse riding, or do you have many years of experience? Then we are looking for you! Become a member of Cave Ne Cadas and experience the fun within our association. Do you have a sport membership? You’ll receive discount on the lessons.

See you soon!


Ice skating: T.S.S.V. Braga

When you join T.S.S.V. Braga you can work on your speed skating technique during the training courses which will be held every Monday evening between October and March. Besides our ice training, you can join our weight and fitness training courses, which are specifically designed for speed skaters. Next to skating we also like to organize several social activities for our members and we regularly drink hot chocolates when we are done with our training.


Korfbal: S.K.V. Melmac

S.K.V. Melmac is the student korfball association of Tilburg. At Melmac you have the option to play during the week or in the weekend and we have a mixed team as well as a ladies only team. It is also possible to join as a training or activity member. Every year we organize our very own cantus, and we travel across the country for student korfball tournaments. Make sure you don't miss a thing and join us!


Rugby: T.S.R.C. Tarantula

Do you want to sport in your studentlife? As a pure studentsport, it's possible to sport and to enjoy a beer at our Rugby Club. There are enough challenges at the Tilburgse Studenten Rugby Club Tarantula, so give it a try!

Running: T.S.A.V Parcival

T.S.A.V. Parcival is the student athletics association of Tilburg. Currently, we have three training sessions for running each week, for starting as well as advanced runners. Besides that we have our annual own race, the Snert Cross, and we participate together in races in the area. Apart from at out running activities, you are also very welcome at our monthly drinks, club day, and annual (international) trip during club weekend.

Being a member of Parcival is not required to join the training sessions and up-to-date training times are on our website.


Soccer: T.S.V.V. Merlijn

TSVV Merlijn is for everybody who likes to play football. The association is represented by both performance teams and beer teams, men and women, indoor and outdoor players, beginners and advanced players, people who like to be actively involved within an association and people who simply want to play football. Activities and parties such as a beer cantus and the Tilburgs Studenten Zomeravond Voetbaltoernooi (student football tournament in the summer) are organized as well.


Squash: T.S.S.V. Lancelot
Swimming and waterpolo: TSZWV Avalon

TSZWV Avalon is the swimming and water polo association in Tilburg. Whether you're a novice swimmer or an experienced water polo player, Avalon welcomes everyone! With numerous committees and exciting activities, Avalon fosters a close-knit and convivial community of sports enthusiasts, both within and outside the pool.

Are you interested in participating? Send an e-mail to, or dm via Instagram to @tszwvavalon to join us. Of course, you can also check out our website

Table tennis: S.S.T. Hyperion

STT Hyperion is the student table tennis association of Tilburg. Our activities comprise of training on Wednesday evenings in the Sports Center, monthly social events, tournaments and once a year a club championship! There are also three competitive teams that play in the local table tennis league, called the Tilburg Tafeltennis Liga. 

Are you interested? Contact us!


Tennis: T.S.T.V. Lacoste

T.S.T.V. Lacoste is the biggest student sport association in Tilburg. If you are into tennis and party at the same time, you should totally join us. We also provide our members to play several competitions during the year. Besides competition Lacoste organizes tournaments. Our biggest tournaments are: LUST, NSK Beach Tennis, Lacoste Open and TSTK. Our clubnight is every Wednesday from 8pm to 1am. If you like to join or have questions? Feel free to ask!


Volleyball: T.S.V.V. Gepidae

T.S.V.V. Gepidae is the student volleyball association of Tilburg. With 20 teams playing in the Tuesday (recreational) and Saturday leagues, we offer various levels, from beginners to the third division. Of course, relaxation is also part of the equation! Our committees organise numerous fun tournaments, parties, and activities.