Sports Center

A wide variety of sports, extensive accommodation, close to the campus, wide opening hours, and a lot of fun

Contact Sports Center

Sports Center Tilburg University

Academielaan 5

5037 ET Tilburg

Outdoor facilities

Hockey pitches, tennis courts and beach volleyball court diagonally opposite the Sports Center building at:

Sportweg 13

5037 AC Tilburg

Tel: 013 - 466 3010

What's App: 06-11620150



If you wish to contact a particular person, you can find his or her contact details in the Staff list.

Lost and found items

Read the lost and found policy in order to receive your items.

Sports Center plan

Sports Center plattegrond groot

The Tilburg University Sports Center is located in the Olympia building, Academielaan 5, Tilburg. Directions can be found on the contact page.
The Sports Center is a large building with various facilities. Arrangements are in place with various outside locations to host those sports which cannot be played on the premises.

Sport accommodation in detail

The Sports Center has two large sports halls, two fitness rooms, a spinning and aerobicroom, two squash courts and one smaller room for general use. The Sports Center also accommodates extensive outdoor facilities.

External sport locations

  • Ice Sport Center Tilburg (Ireen Wüst IJsbaan)
    Stappegoorweg 3
    5022 DA Tilburg
    tel. 013 - 532 5800
  • Drieburcht Swimming Pool
    Wagnerplein 1
    5011 LP Tilburg

  • Reeshof Swimming Pool
    Heereveldendreef 8-10
    5043 EX Tilburg
    tel. 013 - 571 0074
  • Rugby pitches Bredaseweg
    Bredaseweg 560
    5036 NB Tilburg
  • Sports hall De Salto
    Van Maarseveenstraat 105
    5042 PK Tilburg
    tel. 013- 4638855
  • Fitness T-Kwadraat
    Olympiaplein 382
    5022 DX Tilburg
  • Stappegoor Swimming Pool
    Stappegoorweg 1
    5022 DA Tilburg
    tel. 013 - 532 5999
  • 't Zandeind Horse Riding Center
    Zandeind 43
    5133 AB Riel
    tel. 013 - 518 1333
  • Velodrome Pijnenburg
    Bijsterveldenlaan 3
    5045 ZZ Tilburg

Vacancies Sports Center

If you are interested in working at the Sports Center, please write to:

Tilburg University

Sports Center

Academielaan 5

5037 ET Tilburg

Vacancies Tilburg University

All current vacancies at Tilburg University are listed on the main vacancy website of Tilburg University.

Lost and Found Items

  • All lost and found items will be collected at the end of the day at the desk at the main entrance.
  • All lost and found* items will be recorded in a database.
  • Every Tuesday, the lost and found items from that week that have not been collected by the owner will be stored.
  • Lost and found items will be stored for two months, after which they will be given to charity, except for valuables such as passports, university cards, wallets, keys, jewellery and phones.
    Useless things will be thrown away. These items will be handed over to the Tilburg University Safety & Security Office after two months.

* Socks, underwear, towels, and other wet things will be thrown away.

Lost something?

  • You can come by at the desk to report your lost item. The desk employee will search in the database in case your item has been found.
  • You can also fill in a digital form.
    If you fill in a digital form, you will receive an e-mail whether your items have been found or not. If they have, they will be stored at the desk, where you can collect them.
  • If you come and collect your item, you need to show your id. 
  • Please note: bikes will be removed from the bike racks after one week. The owner of the bike can come to the desk or fill in the digital form. After three months, the bikes will be removed and the owner can no longer claim his/her bike back.

Do you have a suggestion for the Sports Center or do you wish to make a complaint?