Sports Center

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Physiotherapy and lifestyle coaching


Consultation hours

You can make an appointment at Fysio Binnenstad: 013-7440441.


When you’re injured, the physiotherapist can help you  to move without pain. You can make an appointment for a treatment so the physiotherapist can do any research and make a plan to help you.

The physiotherapist can tell you about the costs for the treatments. They’re often covered by your healthcare insurance, but please note that this depends on the terms and conditions of your policy. The physiotherapist is registered with the full range of healthcare insurers (in the Netherlands). If you require further information on insurance cover, check your policy or ask your insurance company. You do not need to be referred by your family doctor or a specialist. If your insurer does not cover the treatments, you will be required to pay for them yourself.

Lifestyle coaching

The Sports Center is famous for its sporting activities such as fitness, group lessons, squash and physiotherapy. But from now on you can also visit our lifestyle- and nutrition coach! This because we noticed that more and more people are looking for ways to positively change their lifestyle and need guidance in areas like nutrition and relaxation.

First step to a healthy lifestyle

Our lifestyle coach is specialized in behavioral change. She can help you to make a personalized lifestyle plan to better your health. Before you two make the plan, you get a free lifestyle screening to make you aware of your current lifestyle and to discover what can be improved. The purpose of this approach is to teach you to get used and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You can also visit our lifestyle- and nutrition coach for questions about nutrition, shakes, special diets or nutrition during chronic illness.

Come and meet us

Nutrition advice

The Sports Center has expert staff who can advise on your diet.

Please contact Mylène Remezond, Tijs Du Puy or André Maes.

You will be asked to note what you normally eat and drink in the course of a week. Mylène, Tijs and André can then tell you how to improve your eating habits to arrive at a healthier, more responsible diet. They can also tell you how to achieve specific aims, such as losing weight or building more muscle mass. Mylène, Tijs and André are not dieticians: their advice is based on fitness and sporting requirements. In other words, you won't have to count calories!

To make an appointment with either Mylène, Tijs or André, simply mail to You can also contact them direct during one of the General Supervised Fitness sessions, the times of which are posted on the notice board under the stairs in Fitness Room 2.

Tips from the fitness instructors

Tip 1

It is easy to make your own sports drink:

Take 25 cl lemonade syrup; two shreds of salt and supplement with water until 1 liter!

Tip 2

An average sporter who eats healthy and varies in his diet (vary in vegetables and fruit for vitamins and minerals), will take in enough nutrients. You will not need a dietary supplement.

Tip 3

Gingerbread cake contains low fat and a lot of carbohydrates. Beautifully suitable for the endurance sporter; nutritional value for each 100 grams: 70 grams carbohydrates;  1 gram fat; 2,5 gram protein.

Tip 4

In Europe people  mostly drink black tea, but more and more people discover green tea. And that’s even better! Green tea contains a lot of anti-oxydants, which is very good for your body.

  • Anti-oxydants  will help against aging of the cells
  • Green tea lowers  the negative effects  of the LDL cholesterol  and increases the effects of the good cholesterol  HDL
  • Green tea oxidices fat ( so your body can use fat more easier as a source of energy ) and will improve the digestion.
  • Green tea  has a relaxing effect

Tip 5

Highly nutritious carbs? Make a choice for grains out of:

Whole grain pasta, whole grain bread, whole grain, whole grain biscuit and whole grain crackers, maize, rye, barley wheat, buckwheat, and muesli without sugar.

Tip 6

Salt is good for your health. Salt takes care of your water balance in your body and is needed for a good activation of the muscle cells and neurons. Too much salt can result into a high blood pressure and kidney diseases. Pizza, chips and ready-made meals contains a too high concentration of salt.

Daily you need 6 grams salt.

Tip 7

The app 'mijn eetmeter' will give you personal food advice, based on age, weight, sexe and level of movement. Put all your food information in the app and you get immediately information about calories ( is it enough, too much? ) and about nutrients ( enough, the right ones ). With the built-in BMI meter you will come to grip on your weight.

You’ll find the app in the Apple iTunes store or Google play (mijn eetmeter) if you use a Android phone.

Tip 8

Collagen is a protein and a natural ingredient of our skin. It is responsible for the strength of your skin, if you have a lot of collagen, your skin will be strong and tight. There is a lot of food, which contains antioxidants and stimulate the production of collagen in your skin. For a tight skin you can eat berries, specially blue berries en dark green vegetables like borecole.

Tip 9

For a good health it is also important to eat raw food products. Eating cooked vegetables and fruit  is a good way to get your minerals and vitamins, but a lot of these nutrients will get lost during cooking. By eating those products raw, the good ingredients will be maintained.