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Classical ballet

Classical ballet is an art form that can be practiced either for pleasure or professionally.

Classical ballet is an art form, which can be practiced both for pleasure and professionally. Ballet lays a good foundation for dance technique. This can be applied in all dance styles, especially modern dance and jazz dance. Ballet is excellent for technical development and awareness of posture.

The classical class consists of preparatory and technical exercises. These exercises are performed at the barre and in the center. We also work on jumping power, flexibility, and gracefulness and do exercises that train the body posture in a healthy way. Afterward, the practiced techniques will be used in choreography.

In this dance class, we teach according to the Vaganova method, in which feelings for dance, presentation, musicality, and dance pleasure are central. The lessons are given both at the beginners level and at an advanced level. The beginner’s classes are ideal if you have little or no experience in this dance style. Have you danced ballet before and do you want to keep doing this during your time as a student? Then Ballet Advanced is something for you!

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Location Sports Center
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