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Uni-T, Divini-T, and Infini-T are DanceNation's three demo teams in the styles of hip hop, entertainment, and modern. To be part of these teams, you must audition at the beginning of the new school year or during the semi-annual auditions (around January/February).


The hip hop demo team of TSDV DanceNation carries the name Uni-T. The combination of the words University and Tilburg form what the team represents: unity. These dancers train twice a week with trainer Claudia Wilmans. The styles she teaches range from popping, to oldskool, to dancehall and more. The team competes in competitions (such as UDO and Shell we Dance), performs on stage, and makes cool concept videos! Their most recent collaboration was with Tilburg's own D-Crew. Check out TSDV DanceNation's website or Instagram for more information on Uni-T.


Divini-T is the entertainment demo team of Tilburg University founded by TSDV DanceNation. We train twice a week on heels technique, execution, and choreography. The dance styles vary between commercial and show dance. Besides that, we also provide performances, such as GOGO assignments, workshops, and hostess work, create concept videos and organize team outings.


The Contemporary demo team of TSDV DanceNation is Infini-T. If you are part of the team, you will dance modern styles from floorwork to lyrical and much more. Infini-T trains once a week with the amazing Konstantina Georgiadou! As a team member, you will also have the opportunity to participate in competitions, showcase spectacular choreography during performances, and film concept videos!

Check out TSDV DanceNation's website or Instagram for more information. There you will also find your own Instagram accounts of our demo teams.

Registration Participation in the demo teams requires auditioning
Location Sports Center
Association TSDV DanceNation

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