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In jazz, the satisfaction of dancing goes hand in hand with body training and dancing pleasure.

Strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance will improve along the way. Jazz incorporates elements of various dance styles, for example, the technique of classical dance and the rhythm and form of pop, gospel, and soul. At the end of the lesson, all combinations and elements of the movement blend into a dance. New choreography will start several times a year. 

We offer Jazz on two levels. The beginner's classes are ideal if you have little or no experience in this style of dance. Have you danced Jazz before and do you want to continue doing this during your student time? Then the Jazz Advanced dance group is for you!

The beginner's jazz class is taught by Kevin Ruijters (who graduated from the Fontys Dance Academy): "In my jazz class, the person behind the dancer and their qualities are fundamental. This so that an own signature can develop but above all fun and an open atmosphere. In a dynamic lesson of set exercises and loose game elements, we transcend the steps and find pleasure in moving. In every class, I teach there is personal attention and something for every level."

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Association TSDV DanceNation

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