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Latin Solo

The Sports Center offer you the opportunity to fully dive into the wonderful world of Ballroom dance and learn the technique and styles in more depth and detail!

Dive fully into the wonderful world of Ballroom dance and learn the technique and styles in greater depth and detail.

This exciting and dynamic dance course combines the fundamental techniques of Samba, Rumba, Jive, the Cha-Cha-Cha, and the Paso Doble. If you want more confidence on the dance floor at your favorite social events, or if you just love to dance, then this class is for you. No previous dance experience or partner is required to start dancing Latin Solo.

Samba takes you to the rhythmic and groovy streets of Brazil. You move your hips back and forth along with a springy bounce in the body to bring out your inner Sambista.

Rumba is often called the "dance of love," characterized by its romantic appeal. Dancers of rumba embody a bold, supple and sensual demeanor while enjoying the slow Cuban rhythms.

The fastest of the Latin dance styles is the Jive. This style is upbeat and energetic. You will make many kicks and flicks with your legs in a mix of Boogie, Twist, Rock'n'Roll, and Swing.

In the Cha-Cha-Cha you can show off your footwork and your smooth movements. It is a lively and flamboyant dance with fast, sharp movements and poses.

The Paso Doble, which depicts a traditional Spanish bullfight, is a powerful and dramatic dance full of passion and emotion, with the dancer telling the story of the Matador and the Cape.

This class will help you maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle and improve your sense of rhythm and musicality with fun choreography.


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Location Sports Center
Association TSDV DanceNation

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