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Heels is self-confidence, feminity and performance. So get in those heels and join in!

The choreography consists of a mix of burlesque, commercial, and show dance. During class, we focus on technique, both in walking and dancing, charisma, and choreography. We motivate you in finding your own identity as a dancer and provide a judgment-free environment. The dance hall is a safe space where everyone is welcome, no matter what your level is. Be sure to bring your heels!

DanceNation also offers the opportunity to be part of Divini-T, the entertainment demo team of Tilburg University founded by TSDV DanceNation. We train twice a week on heels technique, execution, and choreography. The dance styles vary between commercial and show dance. Besides that, we also provide performances, such as GOGO assignments, workshops, and hostess work, create concept videos and organize team outings.

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Location Sports Center
Association TSDV DanceNation