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Moving at home keeps me in balance

Healthy at home

Even though we are sitting at home we can still move! The Tilburg University Sports Center has put on this page all kinds of possibilities to exercise at home.
You will also find tips on staying healthy at the bottom of the page.

This page will be updated with new information, so take a look on a regular basis.

Live lessons

Would you like to take a break from studying or writing your thesis or paper by participating in a sporting activity? Or would you like to keep or improve your physical condition? Then take advantage of the varied program offered by the Sports Center with lessons such as the high intensity training or bodyshape. All lessons are online and given live until March 14, 2021. Everyone can participate, even if you do not have a membership. Click on the buttons below for the whole program and the links to join the lessons in Zoom. 

The online live lessons are accessible to everyone . During these lessons, the instructors can give directions to perform the exercises as well as possible. The strength of these lessons is that interaction is also possible and any questions can be asked. Our preference is that everyone keeps his/her camera on during the whole lesson. If you do not like this, you can indicate this at the start of the lesson. Have fun!

Explanation lessons

HIT (high intensity training)

Offer online live lessons

Online live lessons till March 14

Online lessons

YouTube instructions
For anyone interested in Ballet

Three short workouts for you to do at home, ranging from sit-ups and crunches to push-ups and lunges.

Challenge #1: “Ab”normal
Challenge #2: Upper/Lower Challenge
Challenge #3: “Legs”ercise
Home workout warming up and full body 


It's spring so why don't you start running? This will make you active and make you feel fit. This is an individual running training, so don't run in groups.

Read the running scheme


Fitnessblender offers all free workouts. What about HIIT, Pilates or Low Impact?

Check de workouts

For our members

If you have a sports subscription with the Tilburg University Sports Center, you can use the following services that offer online sports.

  • FitSnacks.TV.
    Offers different workouts. From a Duo workout to ClubYoga. Something for everyone! Send an email to for the password. Tip: also download the app to stream to Apple TV or Chromecast.

Nutritional advice

Do you need nutritional advice during the Corona Crisis? You can still visit our fitness section!

Many people's energy needs have decreased because you exercise less, for example. You don't cycle to work anymore, your sports frequency has decreased. In the first few weeks you will hardly notice this. If you sit at home for a longer period of time, it does become interesting to take a look at your eating pattern.

If you would like help with this, please send an email to They will be happy to look with you and give you personal advice.

For whom? Everyone has a sports subscription.
What can you expect? Simple advice that will help you easily and simply.

* The full development of a personal diet plan is currently not possible. For this we need too much personal information that we are currently unable to process according to the AVG guidelines.

    Some tips!

    A lot at home.... A lot of sweets.... Little exercise
    How do I deal with food in this period

    Tips to stay Healthy

    Vitamin D
    How many calories do you eat?
    Purchasing food
    Tasty recipes!