Self defense for women

The Sports Center offers a course self defense for women. The training is all about strength, respect, self-esteem and prevention. The course is being taught twice a year.

The goal

You will learn how to deal with confrontational situations using mental and physical techniques. Other goals of the course are the prevention of unwanted situations and maintaining your composure in stressful times. Do you know why this course is so valuable? Because everything you’ll learn is immediately applicable in real life.

The training

The training consists mainly of useful exercises, but there is also some theory involved. The following subjects are discussed:

  • Assessing situations and learning how to trust your intuition;
  • Recognizing the body language of yourself and others;
  • Communication techniques;
  • Self-Defense techniques: learn how to escape and fight.

The trainer

The trainer is Brechje Jacobs. In 2002 she graduated in Neuropsychology at Tilburg University. During her study she learned several Martial Arts. She’s dedicated to jiu-jitsu. Later on she learned judo and karate. Since 2008 Brechje is devoted on Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a combat sport that focuses on ground fighting. In January 2013 she became European Champion in her weight class. In 2014 she came in third in her weight class and open class.

Data courses 2023 

Registration course Thursday August 31 2023 starting at 09:00h
Lesson 1Thursday September 7 2023
Lesson 2Thursday September 14 2023
Lesson 3Thursday September 21  2023
Lesson 4Thursday September 28 2023
Lesson 5Thursday October 12 2023
Lesson 6Thursday October 19 2023
Registration course Thursday October 19 2023 starting at 09:00h
Lesson 1Thursday October 26 2023
Lesson 2Thursday November 2 2023
Lesson 3Thursday November 9 2023
Lesson 4Thursday November 16 2023
Lesson 5Thursday November 23 2023
Lesson 6 Thursday November 30 2023