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T.S.G.V. is a golf club for students. This means that we combine the cosiness of a student-rich environment with the etiquette on a golf course and above all enjoying the golf sport.

The association exists for two types of students:

  • The students who want to get in touch with golf. Within our association they can start playing golf and try to develop themselves into a better golfer.  We try to stimulate these students as much as possible to reach their goal and to give them a comfortable and pleasant feeling.
  • The students who can already play golf and join us to train and play with fellow student golfers.

What kind of activities do we organize?

Every Monday evening there is a training evening at Prise d'Eau. On this evening we first hit a ball together on the driving range, after which we end the evening in the club house with a drink and a snack. For the lovers there is the possibility to have a student snack in advance for a low price.

Every month T.S.G.V. organizes a monthly cup. A great moment to put the many exercises into practice. It is also an ideal opportunity to get to know other members better. Like every student golf club, we organize an annual Tilburg Open golf tournament, where students from all over the country are present. Of course there is also the possibility to participate in other student golf tournaments in the Netherlands.

Course Yes
Training Yes
Competition No
Association T.S.G.V. Under Par
Location Prise d'eau Golf