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Horseriding is yet another sport to which your sports membership provides access. You are entitled to receive attractive discounts on lessons and on the hire of a suitable mount (the 'ten ride card') at a local stable.

Cave ne Cadas is the student horseriding association of Tilburg. The name is Latin for: 'be careful not to fall!'. We are a small association which gives it a friendly feel.

Besides dressage and jumping lessons, we offer the possibility to join activities, have drinks together and go to SO's. SO's are student competitions all over the country, where you'll compete with other student horse riding associations.


Cave ne Cadas organises a few different possibilities to enjoy horse riding. Every Tuesday at 20.00 there's a beginners/half advanced lesson, and at 21.00 we have an advanced lesson. We meet an hour beforehand at the Sports Center to cycle to the riding school together.

One lesson is 15 Euros, regardless of it being a jumping or dressage lesson. You get a discount on this if you have a membership at the Sports Center. Membership costs are 20 Euros for a year, and 10 Euros for half a year. If you want to become a member, you follow a private lesson first so you can be put in the correct group.This first private lesson is 23,50 Euros. All further private lessons are 33,50 Euros. 

If you're interested, make sure to email us! You can always come and take a look at our lessons. We will plan a private lesson for you as soon as possible. 

Course Yes
Training Yes
Competition Yes
Association Cave ne Cadas 
Location ’t Zandeind Horseriding Center, Riel
NB If coming for the first time, it is preferable to contact Cave ne Cadas beforehand.
Required Basic tack is available for beginners. Eventually, you will be expected to purchase your own.
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See the Sports Schedule for times