Sports rooms and accommodation rentals

Sports rooms and accommodation rentals

It is possible for externs to rent a sports hall at the Tilburg University Sports Center. If you are interested, please contact us:

Frequently asked questions

Can I book a sports hall for tomorrow night?

Please submit your booking request in a timely manner. During the sports season, our halls and fields are occupied with our regular sports program on weekday evenings. Opportunities are often available during the day and on weekends. Please provide the exact start and end times if possible. Please note that building up and taking down the hall (or field ) must be done within the time booked. At the end time, the hall must be tidied up and swept clean.

Are we allowed to bring our own food and drinks during our beach tournament?

No, you are not allowed to. Catering facilities may only be purchased from the operator of the Olympia Sports Bar/O'café.

Contact details:

Phone: 06- 13240433 or 06-51568142

Additional rental terms apply to the beach fields.

Do you also provide children's parties?

You can reserve (half) a sports hall, or a sports field. Sports equipment is included in the rental price. We do not provide supervision (sports instructors), you must provide that yourself.

Are you interested in booking an athletic facility? For more information, please send an e-mail to

Indoor facilities
Indoor accommodation facilities
Indoor accommodationDimensions / quantities
Sports Hall 1. Can be subdivided in:28 x 40 x 9 meter; 2 basketball fields or 1 center court field, 3 volleyball fields, 2 tenniscourts, 6  badminton fields, 1 indoor football field, 1 indoor handball field, 1 korfball field.
Sports Hall 2. Can be subdivided in:24 x 44x 7,5 meter; 2 basketball fields, 3 volleyball fields, 2 tennis courts, 6 badmintonfields, 1 indoor football field, 1 indoor handball field, 1 korfball field, mirror wall for dance and aerobics, climbing wall.
Sports Hall 38.90 x 15.30
Sports Hall 412.80 x 11.80
Sports Hall 55.40 x 7.80
Dance Hall12.20 x 8.5
Fitness 112.90 x 11.10
Fitness 220.20 x 15.10
Fitness 320.20 x 15.10
First Aid/ PhysiotherapistTreatment table
Dressingrooms women5
Dressingrooms men5
Meeting room 1a5 x 5.60
Meeting room 1b5 x 5.60
Meeting room 1a + 1b 10 x 10.90
Sauna with roof terrace 
Disabled dressing room/toilet2
Teachers/referee dressing room2 ( 1 women, 1 men)
Outdoor facilities
Beach volleball fields37.2 x 31.5 meter: 3
Beach handball fields37.2 x31.5 meter: 2
Omnicourts50.5 x 36.8 meter: 6
Combi field (hockey, korfball, sport and fun)99 x 59 meter: 1
Bootcampfield15 x 31.5 m: 1
Artificial lawn soccer field1
Athletics track1
Dressing room (women)3
Dressing room (men)3
Referee dressing room1
Disabled dressingroom/toilet1

Rental prices

Rental prices accommodations
 Prices from January 1, 2023Prices from January 1, 2024
Sports Hall 1 entire hall€ 60,00  hourly€ 63,00  hourly
Sports Hall 2 entire hall€ 60,00  hourly€ 63,00  hourly
Sports Hall 2  half hall 2a€ 35,00  hourly€ 37,00  hourly
Sports Hall 2  half hall 2b€ 35,00  hourly€ 37,00  hourly
Additional use climbing wall€ 15,00  hourly€ 16,00  hourly
Additional use boulder wallWill not be rented separatelyWill not be rented separately
Sports Hall 3 entire hall (incl. screen, spinning bikes and/or trampolines)€ 40,00  hourly€ 42,00  hourly
Use spinning bikesWill not be rented separatelyWill not be rented separately
Use trampolinesWill not be rented separatelyWill not be rented separately
Dance Hall€ 30,00  hourly€ 31,50  hourly
Dance Hall  including poles for pole dancing € 35,00  hourly€ 37,00  hourly
Sports Hall 4€ 35,00  hourly€ 37,00  hourly
Squash courts€ 15,00  hourly€ 16,00  hourly
Fitness 3€ 65,00 hourly (no sole right)€ 68,00  hourly (no sole right)
Fitness 1€ 45,00 hourly (no sole right)€ 47,00  hourly (no sole right)
Beachcourt€ 50,00 hourly€ 52,50  hourly
Beach field half court (2x volleyball/tennis or 1x handball/football/rugby)€ 30,00  hourly€ 31,50  hourly
Tennis court€ 15,00  hourly€ 16,00  hourly
Water-based pitch€ 45,00 hourly ( + 5 euro lightning)€ 47,50  hourly ( + 5 euro lightning)
Combi field€ 35,00  hourly€ 37,00  hourly
Conference room big€ 55,00  hourly€ 58,00  hourly
Conference room small€ 30,00  hourly€ 31,50  hourly
Ballet Hall (Esplanade building)€ 35,00  hourly€ 37,00  hourly
Soccer field€ 40,00  hourly ( + 5 euro lightning)€ 42,00  hourly ( + 5 euro lightning)
Multi sports field € 25,00  hourly€ 26,50  hourly
Fitness outside € 35,00  hourly€ 37,00  hourly

*rental rates are indexed annually

Rental Agreement

For the official rental agreement, a few documents are essential. For instance, we expect the renter to agree with the rental conditions of the Sports Center. If you want to book the beach field then additional conditions apply: additional beach field rental conditions.