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A wide variety of sports, extensive accommodation, close to the campus, wide opening hours, and a lot of fun

Staff sports program

The staff sports program offers an excellent opportunity to interact with your colleagues in an entirely different setting. All activities are activities are run under the expert guidance of the coaches and instructors, and are tailored to the wishes and requirements of the participants wherever possible.The times at which each sport is offered are shown in the sports schedule.


Certain times are reserved in the sports schedule for staff badminton. There is no need to register - just come along. You can simply play a match unsupervised.


In response to many requests, we have set aside one hour during the week in which only staff are permitted to use the fitness room. A fitness instructor will be on hand should you need help. He or she will also lead a warming-up at the beginning of the session and a cooling-down at the end.

If you are using the fitness equipment for the first time, you must contact an instructor. He or she will determine whether you can use it safely and responsibly without further guidance.

Look in our sportsschedule for the times.

Health Check

Staff aged 45 and over are invited to take our fitness test. This will give you a good idea of your general health and condition (but is not intended to replace expert medical advice). Click here for further information.

Ice Skating

Free ice skating will also be available with your sports membership. For a complete overview of the free ice skating hours, please see the sports schedule.

Body & Mind Reload (Lunch Gym)

During the lessons Body & Mind Reload you do muscle-enhancing and agility exercises. We also spend time on relaxation exercises. After the lesson, you are set to take on your work with energy!

Look in our sports schedule for the times.

All employees of Tilburg University are welcome.

Personal Training

It is possible for all employees of Tilburg University who have a sports membership to receive physical training under supervision of a personal coach.

You start with a 30-minute (free) personal intake interview with the personal trainer. In this interview, you explain what your reasons are for wanting to start taking personal training sessions and what the goals are that you hope to achieve. On the basis of the goals you specified, the personal trainer draws up a tailor-made training program that he or she advises you to take, and which he or she will supervise during your workout sessions. In these training sessions, the personal trainer is there just for you!

You register for the intake interview via My Sports Account. After the intake interview, the personal trainer will advise you on the subsequent steps to take.

What are the costs involved?

You pay € 150 for 5 training sessions under supervision of the personal trainer. This includes a test at the beginning and a final test.

You pay € 250 for 10 training sessions under supervision of the personal trainer. This includes a test at the beginning and a final test.

More information? Send an email to Tijs du Puy.


Qigong (pronounced 'chi gung') is an ancient Chinese classical tradition that is practiced to maintain and improve physical and mental health.

Qigong exercises are mainly individual exercises involving movement of parts of the body according to a predetermined pattern, and several repetitions of these movements before moving on to the next movement. Qigong exercises can also be static, where a standing or seated position is held for longer. There is also a lot of emphasis on breathing exercises.

Repeated movements and correct breathing are believed to have a positive effect on the Qi (life energy) flow through the body. Every part of the body (with an emphasis on internal organs) is believed to have a certain amount of Qi. The Qi in all parts of the body, when they are healthy, are in balance. Qigong exercises are performed to maintain or restore this balance.

Look in our sports schedule for the times.


The squash court can be used unsupervised, but you must register/reserve beforehand. See the sports schedule for free times.


With a sports membership you can join in the free swimming sessions at the Stappegoor, Reeshof and Drieburcht swimming pools. Note that in this case 'free' swimming does not always refer to recreational swimming, but also to lap swimming. There are set hours for swimming, all of which are shown in the sports schedule.


CANS is a combination of the tensing and relaxing of the muscles in and around the neck, shoulders, arms and back. This strengthens the back muscles, which enables you to 'release' the shoulders. We also work on the posture, so that you become aware of how you stand and sit. And we work on improving the body's stability and flexibility. This is achieved by doing exercises that involve small movements and repeated sets, thereby providing optimal training for the deeper muscles. The bar, the floor and equipment such as dumbbells and tubes or dyna-bands are used for the exercises.

Look in our sports schedule for the times.


There are two tennis training groups for staff only: one for beginners and one for intermediate level players. An experienced coach is on hand to offer advice. Registration is not required. Simply come along at the times shown in the sports schedule.

More Information

Tijs du Puy, Personal Trainer