Wall of Fame 2021

Wall of Fame election class of 2024

The Wall of Fame honors student athletes who excel in both academic and athletic achievements. Who will be the new successors to the 2023 winners; Karlijn Swinkels, Cindy van der Zanden and Davy Brand? Who will accompany the athletes from previous editions such as Bob de Voogd, Danielle van de Donk, Jackie Groenen, Jordens Peters, Ireen van de Assem or Chilton Galimo on the Wall of Fame in the Tilburg University Sports Center?

You can cast your vote via the link below, but before you do so, scroll down this page to read more about this year's nominees! Thank you for your vote!

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All (alumni) students, teachers and other employees of Tilburg University, Avans Hogeschool Tilburg and Fontys Hogeschool Tilburg have the opportunity to vote for two of the nominees for a place in the Wall of Fame in the Tilburg University Sports Center.

The Wall of Fame honors student athletes who excel in both academic and athletic achievements.

To be eligible for nomination, student athletes must win a National Championship, finish in the top 3 at European or World Championships, or participate in the (student) Olympic Games. Student athletes may also be nominated if they demonstrate major sporting achievements comparable to the level of the achievements listed above.

Every year, a maximum of three (former) students are included in the Wall of Fame.You can cast (only) two votes. Any combination of votes is possible (alumni and/or student). Received ballots with 2 votes for the same nominee only count as 1 vote.

Voting opens at Monday 26th of February at 08:00 and ends at Friday 8th of March at 23:59


  • Rowen Vaessen

    Rowen Vaessen

    Tilburg University
    • Bachelor of Law
    • Graduated: 2020
    • Sports: dance (Hip-Hop)
    • Club: C-FAM
    • Achievement: World and European Champion
  • Aymen Achnine

    Aymen Achnine

    Tilburg University
    • Bachelor of Law
    • Sports: Taekwondo
    • Member Dutch Olympic Taekwondo Team, Teamcaptain National team
    • Achievements: Vice-European Champion OWC 2023, 4x National Champion, 6 medals international events, participation at the WC Baku 2023, European Games 2023, Chengdu FISU World University Games and OQT  Paris OG 2024 
  • Lesley van Miert

    Lesley van Miert

    Tilburg University
    • Bachelor & Master Social Psychology
    • Graduated: 2010
    • Sports: Track & Field
    • Achievements: Multiple National Champion (5K & 3K)
  • Luuk van Rooij

    Luuk van Rooij

    • Commercial Economy
    • Sports: Swimming
    • Club: PSV Swimming
    • Achievements: NL champion 4x200 freestyle
  • Francesca Prescimone

    Francesca Prescimone

    • Physiotherapy
    • Sports: Kickboxing
    • Club: Diamond Gym Zwijndrecht
    • Achievements: Professional, qualification for Eurogames Poland
  • Alex Supit

    Alex Supit

    Tilburg University
    • Education: Bachelor's degree in Psychology
    • Graduated: 2022
    • Club: TSR Vidar
    • Selection: RTC Brabant
    • Achievement: Winner Henley Women's Regatta 2022
  • Marieke Brouwers

    Marieke Brouwers

    Tilburg University
    • Education: Bachelor of Business Economics & Master of Accounting + PM Accountancy
    • Graduated: 2016
    • Sports: Duathlon
    • Achievement: 2021 Duathlon World Champion
  • Armand van der Smissen

    Armand van der Smissen

    Tilburg University
    • Education: International Economic Relations/Agricultural Economics
    • Graduated: 1994
    • Sports: Duathlon
    • Achievements: 13x National Champion & 1x European Champion