Workshop free your mind

Workshop 'Free your mind'

At the Thursday evening 'Free your mind' meetings, we dwell on the moment. During various guided exercises, participants curiously explore what is actually going on.

People often want to comply all the time with the opinions, standards and values of the (sub-) culture in which they live. As a result, there is insufficient space for creativity and authenticity. In some people, pressure to achieve even leads to insecurity, performance anxiety or other psychological problems. It would be a good thing if we briefly halted our daily business at regular times and savored the moment. This creates more space for free thinking and acting, for creativity, for a more open-minded and relaxed life.

This is exactly what happens during the ‘Free your mind’ meetings: savoring the moment. In various guided exercises, participants follow their curiosity and explore what is really going on. Even now, while reading this text, you can have an open and inquisitive look at the thoughts, feelings or behavior spontaneously arising within you. Just out of curiosity. Real curiosity is unselfish and thus leads to inner freedom.

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Subject to applicable corona measures, the meetings (19:30 - 21:30 hrs.) will take place on the following dates

  • 2021: Sep 2; Oct 7; do Nov 4; Dec 2.
  • 2022: Jan 6; Feb 3; Mar 10; Apr 7; May 12; Jun 2; Jul 7.

For updates and more information contact Ivan Nyklicek.


  • Admission is free.


For more information, please contact Ivan Nyklicek, phone +31 (0)13 466 2391 / +31 (0)6-4143494