Silent meditation

Every Tuesday and Thursday, there is an opportunity for group meditation at the Zwijsen Building at lunchtime.

Is this your experience, too? That, in daily life, you are often preoccupied with the things you have on your mind and that you are not really in the present? Meditation helps you to return to the here and now and to stay centered.

During silent meditation, you sit and focus your attention on your body and your breathing. Only to be distracted by the thoughts that continue to present themselves. You practice being aware of your thoughts and then letting them go. Just like you breathe in and then out.

Practicing this regularly will calm you down and give you energy and insight. And doing it together reinforces the effect. Therefore, every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, between 12:45 and 13:10, there is an opportunity to meditate together in the Zwijsen building. Doors open from 12:30 hrs. Everybody’s welcome. 

The meetings

  • On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Doors open from 12:30 hrs. with the opportunity of a brief instruction.
  • The meditation lasts each time from 12:45 to 13:10 hrs.

You can bring your own mat and pillow, although pillows, stools and chairs are also available on site. The meditation is in the tradition of ‘Zen and Insight Meditation’ (Vipassana). 


Are you interested but have you never experienced meditation before? For more information, please contact: