Academic Forum - Family Enterprises Doing Good

Family Enterprises Doing Good, with Martin Rudolf Brenninkmeijer*

Date: Time: 10:45 Location: Black Box, Esplanade Building, Tilburg University

How do business principles inspired by Catholic thinking guide business and personal life? How can philanthropy make an impact in society? Martin Rudolf Brenninkmeijer will talk about the politics of sustainability and charity. (language: English)

Time: 10:45-12:30 hrs.
Admission is free, no registration required. See also 

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How do business principles inspired by Catholic thinking guide business and personal life? We dive into the case of the Brenninkmeijer family, one of the richest families of the Netherlands. The Brenninkmeijer family is well known as the owner of fashion retailer C&A, but is also very active in philanthropy. How can philanthropy make an impact in society?

The impact of philanthropy

In his lecture, Mr. Martin Rudolf Brenninkmeijer, a member of the Brenninkmeijer family enterprise, will highlight dilemmas and trade-offs that he has faced in his life as an entrepreneur. What did he learn in the personal, business, and philanthropic spheres? Martin Rudolf will also present an overview of the global C&A Foundation, which is one of the key initiatives of the C&A enterprise when it comes to philanthropy. He will describe its commitment to contributing to sustainability and to reforming the fashion industry and its supply chain. He will discuss the causes that the Foundation is engaged in, why they matter to society, and how this industry transformation aims to have a real systemic impact on the lives of people, communities, and the environment. Based on this specific cause, he will illustrate how the enterprise’s mission and purpose come to life in ‘Fashion for Good’ and what inspires C&A to be engaged for the common good.

Martin Rudolf Brenninkmeijer

Martin Rudolf Brenninkmeijer is a 5th-generation member of the enterprising Brenninkmeijer family. His training, education, and career took him to Germany, Switzerland, France, the US, and Brazil. Since his childhood, he has developed a special interest in and received, parallel to his business background, training in charity and philanthropy in Asia and Latin America, being drawn to themes like education, the environment and sustainability, faith and religion, and community art. Martin Rudolf holds and has held several governance positions in charitable institutions with a focus on family philanthropy.

The moderator for this morning program is Johan Graafland, Professor of Economics and Business Ethics at Tilburg University.


Contact: Has Klerx (Academic Forum).

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