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InScience Filmfestival Online

Date: Time: 20:00 Location: Online

The InScience Filmfestival 2020 will take place online. The cinemas had to close their doors for two weeks, due to the corona measures. This means that the physical program and Q&A’s of InScience satellite Filmfestival Tilburg are canceled. Fortunately, you can watch the opening film via live stream and other films + talks on-demand. (English / Certificate*)

Time:  20:00-22:00 hrs. See also Facebook.

The opening film Spaceship Earth will be live streamed on Wednesday November 11 and Saturday November 14, at 20:00 via the online platform of InScience. Tickets will be available on November 11 on the platform as well. Make sure you have registered in time and are logged in. The live stream starts promptly at 20:00 hrs.

The films Coded Bias and Hunting for Hedonia will be available to watch on-demand, from November 11 until November 22, also via the InScience platform. This means the films Oliver Sacks: His Own Life and The Edge of All We Know are canceled.

The complete online program with all films and talks (and information on tickets) is available on the website of Inscience Filmfestival.

Visit the Inscience FilmFestival website

If you already bought tickets for the films in Cinecitta, you can get a refund, by sending your tickets to stating your name and bank account number. 

Spaceship Earth

In 1991, a collaboration between a group of hippies, performance artists, and scientists resulted in Biosphere 2: a futuristic structure designed to house a perfect replica of Earth's ecosystem. This documentary follows the development of this bizarre project that was met with controversy yet can also be seen as progressive in light of the climate ideas thirty years later. However, it begs the question: is this ecological activism at work or just plain entertainment?

Coded Bias

One day media researcher Joy Buolamwini of MIT finds out that facial recognition programs have difficulty in recognizing her dark face. This leads to further research on racial identity and artificial intelligence and quickly it turns out that consciously or not a lot of algorithms have a bias against people with different skin colors. In this film we follow Joy during her research while she joins forces with other women who also try to improve civil rights in algorithms.

Hunting for Hedonia

The brain is one of the great mysteries of modern medicine. We know more about what we don't know when it comes to our most complex organ. Our knowledge of the brain, however, is growing fast and so are the fields of psychiatry and pharmaceuticals. And now we are (maybe!) approaching a point where we can not only cure depressions, but can actually increase happiness and maybe even improve our brains through technology. The question is whether we should do something, just because we can? And who decides what is normal? The so-called Deep Brain Stimulation was first developed back in the 1960s, but has since been left in the cold by an increasingly politicized research environment. Now, it is back, and in the meantime technology has caught up with the visions. Pernille Rose's film with a screenplay by the science journalist Lone Frank looks at this development and asks the big questions - and lets the brightest minds answer them. A thought-provoking film, in every sense of the word.

InScience International Filmfestival

InScience International Filmfestival, Nijmegen based, is one of the biggest science film festivals in Europe. The program most importantly consists of an overview of the best science films of the year. InScience offers a broad program, with talks, film debates, Q&A’s, meetings, and expositions on the cutting edge of science and art.

More information

All films are in English.

This event is organized by Studium Generale, InScience Filmfestival and Arthouse cinema Cinecitta.

Contact: Has Klerx (Studium Generale).

* The films Spaceship Earth, Coded Bias and Hunting for Hedonia may count towards the Studium Generale Certificate.

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