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InScience Filmfestival on Tour

Date: Time: 11:00 Location: Cinema Cinecitta, Willem II Straat 29, Tilburg

Unique for Tilburg! A selection from the InScience Film Festival Nijmegen will be shown in the Cinecitta cinema. Various guest speakers will also respond to the science-inspired films. (English/Dutch)

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InScience International Filmfestival

InScience International Filmfestival, Nijmegen based, is one of the biggest science film festivals in Europe. The program most importantly consists of an overview of the best science films of the year. InScience offers a broad program, with talks, film debates, Q&A’s, meetings, and expositions on the cutting edge of science and art. Cinecitta, Science Café and Studium Generale are organizing a deritative program in Tilburg for the first time.

All films are in English. Talks will be in English, except the talk by Eva Mulder (in Dutch).

Docu film schedule

11:00 hrs. - In Silico 

12:30 hrs. - Panel discussion ‘In Silico’ and lunch at the atrium

13:45 hrs. - By the Throat – introduced by Jos Swanenberg

13:45 hrs. - Citizen Nobel 

15:45 hrs. - Short film program: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

15:45 hrs. - Hysterical Girl (short film) – talk by Eva Mulder (in Dutch)

16:45 hrs. - end

In Silico

(2020, Noah Hutton, 83 min)

In 2009 the highly ambitious Human Brain Project was announced by Henry Markram, resulting in a lot of publicity and attention. This extremely expensive project was aimed at developing a complete computer simulation of the human brain, within ten years. Director Noah Hutton was granted full access to everything that happened from the start and has managed to relentlessly capture what it was like to work on a project where there was a lot at stake – maybe even too much. In Silico immerses the viewer in the world of scientific top sport, multimillion-dollar investments, enormous egos, and even grander ambitions.

After the docufilm there is a panel in the foyer with neuroscientist Marion van den Heuvel, philosopher of science Herman de Regt and others. (English spoken)

Your ticket is including lunch.


By The Throat

(2021, Borenstein & Weiss, 77 min)

Identity: we construct it from our origins, our looks, our passports, or from what we consume. A more subtle form of revealing ourselves is through our pronunciation. The way in which we pronounce words has been used to separate friend from foe since language originated. The surprising documentary By the Throat explores our vocal limits through science, technology, cultural prejudices, and politics.

The docufilm will be introduced by Jos Swanenberg, professor 'Diversity in Language and Culture' at Tilburg University. (English spoken)


Citizen Nobel

(2020, Stéphane Goël, 86 min)

Citizen Nobel is an inspiring portrait of Jacques Dubochet, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2017. As a physicist that was previously virtually unknown, how should he react to his unforeseen fame? What are the possibilities of the fact that his voice is suddenly heard by all? In his old age, he decides to reinvent himself to become a key figure in the battle against climate change. His secret? A lust for life.


Hysterical Girl

(2020, Kate Novack, 13 min) - Short film & talk (in Dutch)

Of Sigmund Freud’s five major case studies, only one was a woman: Dora. In this combination of fiction and documentary, this ‘hysterical woman’ tells her own story and makes short work of patriarchal dominance in the history of psychiatry.

Eva Mulder, who obtained her PhD on research into the reactions of the social environment to victims of sexual violence, will discuss the film with the audience afterwards. (in Dutch)    


Shorts: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

It is every scientist’s biggest fear: getting it totally wrong. This is true especially for scientists that research people’s psyche and behavior. In these four short films, we see the consequences of wrong conclusions in science, in both serious and comical ways. But these films also show that it’s always possible to correct mistakes and to keep growing in understanding your surroundings and fellow human beings.


RECODING ART (2019, Moreschi & Pereira, 14 min)

Many people have trouble understanding modern art. Is artificial intelligence (AI) better off? A group of Brazilian scientists have taught an AI system to interpret art and are now releasing the machine at the Van Abbemuseum, with surprising results.

FOREVER (2020, Mitch McGlocklin, 7 min)

In this gripping animated film, a man calls an insurance company to find out why his insurance policies keep getting refused. His data analysis shows that he poses too great a risk, according to the insurance company’s AI system.

MOOD ATLAS (2020, Mia Mullarkey, 19 min)

His bipolar condition continues to disrupt Shane’s life. When he finds himself in a very deep personal valley, he decides to work with a team of neuroscientists to create a map of his brain. But does this give him the answers to get his life back on track?

HYSTERICAL GIRL (2020, Kate Novack, 13 min)

Of Sigmund Freud’s five major case studies, only one was a woman: Dora. In this combination of fiction and documentary, this ‘hysterical woman’ tells her own story and makes short work of patriarchal dominance in the history of psychiatry.


More information

This event is organized by Studium Generale, InScience Filmfestival, Arthouse cinema Cinecitta and Science Café Tilburg.

Contact: Has Klerx (Studium Generale).

Picture © Jimmy Israel


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