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SG Music: Jawa & Shaza Manla

Date: Time: 16:45 Location: Blackbox, Esplanade building (Tilburg University)

The Syrian sisters Jawa and Shaza passionately perform classical and modern Syrian, Arabic and Turkish music. While Jawa gave her soul to the oud, younger sister Shaza chose the qanun.

Time: 16:45-17:30 hrs.  Doors open 16:30 hrs.
Free entrance, registration is not required, but be in time: limited number of seats available.

Traditional string instruments from the Middle East

Jawa Manla plays the oud and is considered one of Syria's greatest musical talents. At a young age she toured as a professional musician through Egypt, Lebanon, Oman and Turkey. She has performed with renowned orchestras, received lessons from the greatest oud players and has won several prizes.

In 2015, Jawa's family was forced to flee Syria. Jawa resolved not to sit still and took every opportunity to introduce the Netherlands to the rich Syrian culture. Shaza Manla is Jawa's younger sister and plays the qanoun. 

Music inside the Black Box

Explore the world of music! Monthly on a Tuesday afternoon Studium Generale gives the floor to talented and promising young musicians. They are invited to take us on a musical road to other worlds, views and feelings. The concerts are open to everyone interested!

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This concert is organized by Studium Generale, in corporation with Gert Gering.

Contact: Has Klerx (Studium Generale).

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