Synagoge & Postkantoor Tilburg 1875

Jewish Tilburg, Guided Tour

Date: Time: 15:00 Location: City center of Tilburg

During this walk of about an hour, guided by Professor Dr. Arnoud-Jan Bijsterveld, you will discover that there is more to be seen of the Jewish history in the predominantly Catholic city of Tilburg than you might expect. (English / SG-Certificate*)

Time: 15:00-16:00 hrs. For those who want there is an opportunity to socialize afterwards.
Admission is free, registration required.

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History of the Jewish community

When we think of Tilburg, we do not immediately think of a city with a thriving Jewish community. Yet before World War II, numerous Jewish families played an important role in industry and the middle class. In 1930, the community numbered only 168 people. By the end of 1939, the number had nearly doubled to 316, a third of whom were non-Dutch nationals. These people had fled from Germany, Austria and Poland. About half of these Jewish Tilburgers would be murdered during the Holocaust.

Joodse familie Tilburg (SG only!)

Arnoud-Jan Bijsterveld, is professor of Culture in Brabant at Tilburg University. He also teaches for the Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Sociology program.

In his work, he wants to give meaning to the present, with an eye for the past and a focus on the future. His passion is to connect people in Brabant with their history and thus with each other and with the place where they live.

Photo: Hans and Bertha Polak with their Jewish acquaintances at the Tilburg Fair in 1930.


This program is organized by Studium Generale.

Contact: Annelieke Koster (Studium Generale).

Photo at top © A. Schumaker : the Willem II-street in 1875, with Synagoge (1874) and Post office. 


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