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Campus Poet

The Tilburg University Campus Poet reflects on campus life, academic education and science, front-burner societal themes, emotions, and life in general. In this way, the Campus Poet brings campus culture to life and makes it visible.

2022 Campus Poet

January 27 was National Poetry Day and sociology student Trijntje van de Wouw was elected as the new campus poet. Her poems are regularly published in Univers and she can sometimes be found on stage during Studium Generale events.

Studium Generale - Campusdichter 2022 - fotocredit Jack Tummers

"I want to entertain and touch people with my poetry and spoken word. Questioning and explaining things, preferably making the listener think," says Van de Wouw. She writes about her own life: "I want to create recognition by making myself vulnerable in my writing." Read the entire interview with Trijntje van de Wouw on Univers's website (in Dutch). (photo: Jack Tummers)

What does the Campus Poet do?

The Campus Poet comments poetically, both on request and at his/her own initiative, on campus life, studying, and science and on current themes in society, emotions, and life in general. Poems are published in Univers a few times a year and are presented live during various Studium Generale events and at large events like Night University. 

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