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Campus Poet

The Campus Poet at Tilburg University reflects about campus life, about study and science, current themes in society, about everyday things and emotions, and life in general. In this way the poet adds color to campus and makes campus culture visible in a very specific manner.

Campus Poet 2020: Bart van Popering

Bart van Popering was elected Campus Poet 2020 at Tilburg University on Thursday,  January 30. With his ode to the lonely "campus fish", he made a big impression with both the public and the jury. The evening was accompanied by singer-songwriter Flemming Viguurs.

Source: Univers

What does the Campus Poet do?

The Campus Poet comments poetically, both on request and at his/her own initiative, on campus life, studying, and science and on current themes in society, emotions, and life in general. Poems are published in Univers a few times a year and are presented live during various Studium Generale events and at large events like Night University. The Campus Poet also initiates and organizes activities in the area of poetry and the spoken word in collaboration with Studium Generale. In this way, the Campus Poet promotes a lively literary climate on campus.

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Contact: studiumgenerale@tilburguniversity.edu